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COVID-19 Vaccine Data Entry Training

Attention: Please note changes to the COVID-19 vaccine education plan for newly enrolled providers or providers who haven’t yet submitted a training attestation.

If your facility’s COVID-19 Vaccine Coordinator has submitted a training attestation previously, there is no need to complete the attestation process again but please make sure to stay up to date as information is changing rapidly.

Individual data entry personnel must complete all required training according to the tasks they will perform. Your facility’s COVID-19 Vaccine Coordinator will submit a training attestation form indicating all vaccinators and ancillary personnel have completed required training. This is necessary for your facility to receive COVID-19 vaccine.

There may be additional education requirements in the future as new vaccines and information become available. New required education will be noted with a red date in parenthesis - for example (09-18-2021) - behind the new training link.

Additional resources you may find useful are listed on the vaccine provider page on our website. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Carol Chalcraft at 605-773-2664 or at

Please click the following link for an individual SDIIS user access account application.

Registry Data Entry Training

Please view the following trainings if you are responsible for entering COVID-19 vaccination data into the South Dakota Immunization Information System (SDIIS).