Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Pharmacist License Renewal Notice

Renewal period is from August 1 through September 30, 2016


Your current license expires September 30, 2016


What’s New for 2016-2017?  The Board office wants to alert you that the 2017 renewal application contains more questions as a result of newly passed legislation and will take you more time to complete.


In 2013, Senate Bills 3 and 4 passed and mandated the Department of Labor Relations (DLR) to collect information on any person that is licensed or certified by any department, board, or commission in South Dakota.  The DLR data elements are required by SD Codified Law 13-1-60 through 13-1-62 and, as such, are now part of the 2017 Pharmacist license renewal application.  This law was passed to assist in ensuring access to primary care in South Dakota in the future.  


Online Renewal


  • Your Log-On Name is nspharm (plus your 4-digit SD license #) all in lowercase letters 


                          Example:       John Smith, SD License           =     R1234

                                                John Smith’s Log-On Name     =     nspharm1234  (the R is not used)


  User Password

  • Your User Password is Nspharm (plus the last 4-digits of your SSN and an asterisk); N must be capitalized


                          Example:      John Smith, SSN last 4 digits      =    9876

                                               John Smith’s User Password       =    Nspharm9876*           

  • If you created a different user password, (changed your password from the above format), use the password you created to gain access.

  • If the Board reset your password, try adding a second (and in some cases a third) asterisk to your user password.  Nspharm9876**  or   Nspharm9876***


Navigating the Online Renewal Site after Logging-On 

  1. Click on PH26PharmLic
  2. Review your personal information for accuracy; make changes as needed
  3. Phone number format is xxx-xxx-xxxx and  Date format is mm/dd/yyyy
  4. An error message will appear if a required input field is left blank
  5. Enter NA in a required field to continue (if you have no data to enter)
  6. Enter each CE program individually – provide the program name, number, and date.  In the dropdown box, select the applicable year, then scroll right and click on “Save”. 
  7. New pharmacists licensed by NAPLEX exam must enter “new pharmacist” in the CE Comment box in order to bypass the 12 hour CE requirement and continue through the renewal application process.  All remaining pharmacists must report their 12 hours of CE or indicate a reason why they are reporting less than 12 hours.  New pharmacists are required to include 1 hour of CE for every month licensed.  
  8. Renewal fee may be paid by MasterCard or Visa only; other forms of payment are not accepted
  9. Print your Pharmacist Information report for your records (showing the data entered and payment info)
  10. A license renewal confirmation will be sent to your email address of record
  11. Check your credit card statement to ensure your transaction was processed 
  12. Allow 10 business days from the date of application receipt for license processing


Paper Renewal

  • Is available starting 8/1/2016 through 9/30/2016
  • You must use the new renewal application form with a revised date of 8/1/2016
  • Go to
  • On the left hand side, click on Pharmacists
  • On the right-hand side, click on Renewal Form
  • Or go directly to the application ( which can be completed online, printed and mailed to the SD BOP with a check/money order payment (no cash).
  • Allow 10 business days from the date of application receipt for license processing


Reporting Continuing Education (CE) Hours

  • For renewal period, list 12 CE hours completed in the 24 months prior to license expiration AND not previously reported to the Board 
  • To view your CPE Monitor profile go to and click the CPE Monitor or go to  (
  • Report all CE information as the Board is not linked to automatically upload CE information from NABP’s CPE Monitor website
  • Do not send any CE documentation to the Board.  Retain your CE documents to provide to the Board if requested during an audit cycle