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South Dakota Board of Pharmacy


October 2011
South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy
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The following candidates recently met licensure requirements and were registered as pharmacists in South Dakota:    David Anderson,  Dua Anderson,  Megan Binger,  Jennifer Bjergaard,  Laura Botkins,  Andrea Carder,  Chelsea Conway,  Katie Deutsch,  Rebecca Doerr,  Kyle Dvoracek,  Michelle Eykamp,  Kristen Felice,  Elizabeth Fincel,  Craig Fjeldheim,  Scout Forbes,  Ryan Fox,  Brian Gilson,  Sarah Grothen,  Shane Halouska,  Sarah Hanson,  Richard Hauptmann,  Kyle Heer,  Peter Herout,  Derek Hoitsma,  Samantha Ingemansen,  Jill Jacobson,  Wesleigh Jastorff,  Amanda Jensen,  Adam Jerke,  Ashley Johnson,  Brandi Johnson,  Brandon Johnson,  Michaela Johnson,  Kara Kaiser,  Madhuri Kanuri,  Sara Khalid,  Kasey Kirschenmann,  Elizabeth Knaak,  Annie Lancaster,  Courtney Larson,  Daniel Lee,  Kristen Lee,  Kara Lippert,  Makayla Lorsung,  Samuel Mari,  Christy Martin,  Thomas Merten,  Anne Meyer,  Kristi Mihok,  Sarah Nagel,  Matthew Nielsen,  Susanne O Kane,  Kathy Opdahl,  Tayana Patrick,  Susan Puetz,  Katie Reis,  Kristen Remund,  Jeffrey Roth,  Kristen Sample,  Robert Sayles,  Jessica Schroeder,  Wendy Schulte,  Jennifer Smith,  Jason Stubbe,  Amanda Styles,  Christi Swaby,  Alicia Thole,  Kimberlee Thuringer,  Morgan Tschetter,   Joel Van Heukelom,  Tyler Van Metre,  Daniel Vostad,  Ryan Waybright,  Brittany Wilson,  Curtis Wong


Pharmacy licenses have been issued recently to:  Complete Home Care Inc, (second location) Sioux Falls, Thomas K. Chiu, Pharmacist-in-charge;  Avera Dermatology Pharmacy, Sioux Falls, Jennifer Bergan, Pharmacist-in-charge;  Animal Rx Pharmacy, Sioux Falls, Jordon Breuer, Pharmacist-in-charge.


 DEA has scheduled another National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, October 29, 2011, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. to provide a venue for persons who want to dispose of unwanted and unused prescription drugs. 

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a vital public safety and public health issue.  More than seven million Americans currently abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2009 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health.  Each day, approximately, 2,500 teens use prescription drugs to get high for the first time according to the Partnership for a Drug Free America.  Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including the home medicine cabinet.

DEA in conjunction with state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States conducted National Prescription Drug Take Back Days on Saturday, September 25, 2010 and April 25, 2011.  Nearly, 4,000 state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the nation participated in these events, collecting more than 309 tons of pills.

Four days after last fall’s Take-Back Day, Congress passed legislation amending the Controlled Substances Act to allow the DEA to develop a process for people to safely dispose of their prescription drugs.  DEA immediately began developing this process after President Obama signed the Safe and Secure Drug Disposal Act of 2010 on October 12.  Until that process is complete, however, DEA will continue to hold Take Back Days every six months.

Further information about the second National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, including a link to locate a collection site near you, will be posted on this website. 


Our office has received many communications over the last year about REMS and what are pharmacists required to do to be in compliance?

The August issue of the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists published an article that provided some answers. The article is entitled “No New Pharmacist Responsibilities With Upcoming Opioid REMS”.  A key points of interest: Education for prescribers and patients but responsibilities for pharmacists will not change. FDA’s Janet Woodcock, director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research was quoted by saying, “This REMS is focused on the prescribers, and on patients”. She goes on to say, “We feel the prescribers are really critical in managing this. They really have to be able to determine the pain needs of the patient”. Woodcock goes on to say that even though there are no new responsibilities for pharmacists, this doesn’t mean pharmacist involvement will not be required. Involvement in the smallest sense would be pharmacist will be required to dispense med guides when dispensing prescriptions.

View the complete article at:


Many pharmacies have been or are currently addressing the addition of automated dispensing cabinets to their pharmacy operations. Examples of such devices are: Pyxis, Omnicell, ScriptPro, and Parata. As part of the annual inspection process, board inspectors review the current operating procedures for the cabinets. Inspectors have provided feedback that if these devices are utilized appropriately, patient safety will be improved due to enhanced efficiencies and dispensing accuracy. However, prior to the implementation there is often one area that is overlooked. Administrative Rule 20:51:17:01 states the facility / pharmacy must submit policies and procedures to board for review and approval prior to use.  Facilities / pharmacies not completing this task prior to use are in direct violation of the rule.

For a comprehensive review of the administrative rule, a link to the rule from our website is listed here.


During the September 16th Board Meeting, at the request of the Board, staff presented changes and additions to ARSD 20:51:29 Registered Pharmacy Technicians that would require mandatory education and certification for pharmacy technicians.  Points for discussion included dates for adoption; defining technician-in-training and responsibilities; potential grandfather clauses for technicians with tenure. Information will be available on our website when the Board makes a decision on these changes.   


The Board staff sends out communications to pharmacists and technicians throughout the year. The office needs accurate information so that you will receive this information in a timely fashion.  Please report changes such as – name, home address, work address, phone numbers, e-mail address, etc.  Please report this information when the change occurs. Please don’t wait until the renewal timeframe of your license. This results in delays in the issuance of your license.  Technicians are required to report within 10 day (see ARSD 20:51:29:15).  A change in pharmacist-in-charge must be reported immediately (see ARSD 20:51:06:02.01).   The Change of Name or Location forms can be located on our website at  or you may simply send an e-mail message to one of the staff with your changes.


The Board of Pharmacy has selected Health Information Designs as the vendor for data collection, data storage and data reporting for the SDPDMP.  HID provides this service to 13 other states including North Dakota and Minnesota.   All pharmacies recently received information from HID with instructions to access the Dispenser’s Implementation Guide for the SDPDMP. The guide serves as a step-by-step implementation and training guide to prepare pharmacies for mandatory data submission to the program.

Mandatory weekly reporting will begin by December 12, 2011.  Retro date back to July 1, 2011 must be submitted by February 15, 2012.  Our staff will be able to generate patient profiles by the end of January.  We anticipate that online access for data query by pharmacists and prescribers will be available by the end of February.

General information about the PDMP and specific information for prescribers and pharmacists can be found on the website.  Please call or email the Board of Pharmacy office with your questions about this new program.


Please check our website for the time, location and agenda for future Board meetings.



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