Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 12, 2013, 1:00 P.M.
Ramkota Hotel, Conference Room 3, Sioux Falls, SD


Members Present:  Lisa Rave, Jeff Nielsen, Arlene Ham-Burr, Diane Dady, Lenny Petrik. 

Staff Present:  Executive Director Randy Jones; PDMP Director Kari Shanard-Koenders; Inspectors Gary Karel and Paula Stotz, and Secretary Melanie Houg.

Others Present:  Kimberlie Roiger, Bill Ladwig, Shannon Gutzmer, Josh Grover, Tony Lee, Maria Eining, Dennis Hedge, and Sue Schaefer.

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Rave at 1:00 p.m. with introductions of Board members, staff, and others in attendance.

A. Minutes

Arlene Ham-Burr moved for approval of July 12, 2013 meeting minutes.  Seconded by Jeff Nielson.  Motion carried.

B. Financial Report

The Board Financial Report was reviewed and approved.  Executive Director Randy Jones provided the overview and highlighted computer services and equipment rental budgeting along with license fees payable to SD Pharmacists Association. 

Revenue reports showed a $400 in Full Time Pharmacy fees which reflects one new pharmacy along with a voucher from a state pharmacy.  Miscellaneous revenue reflects mailing lists and copies of law books.  Our cash center amount is up slightly. 

C. Staff Reports

  1.  Employee Update:  A .25 FTE inspector in the NE area of the state has been hired.  Ron Johnson will fill the position beginning the end of September. 

  2.  Executive Director Jones reported that the pharmacists on staff have been doing a review of the approximately 2,500 MPJE questions.

     Inspector Report:  Gary Karel

    •Inspections have been routine with the quality of the inspections being good.

    •Controlled substance audits have been have been emphasized to the PICs. 

    •There are upcoming inspections for building construction for the Costco in Sioux Falls and changes being made in Yankton at the Human Services Building and the Hospital. 

    Inspector Report:  Paula Stotz

    • Inspections have been routine with med destruction requests. 

    PDMP Report:  Kari Shanard-Koenders-PDMP Director

    •Education letter system upgrades have just been completed and we are preparing to send letters.  This step is part of the NASCA Grant that was received this last Spring.  An education letter is a letter sent to prescribers and dispensers who meet criteria of a patient being prescribed or dispensed to over a course of 90 days.
    •Presentations will be made to the South Dakota Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting on September 14th as well as to the Nurse Practitioner Conference on September 20th

      3. Statistical Reports of licensing activities were reviewed and discussion followed.

D.  Approvals - Approvals have been submitted and the following have been approved.

  1. Black Hills Surgical Center; Rapid City -- AMDD
  2. Coteau des Prairie Hospital, Sisseton - AMDD
  3. Winner Regional Healthcare Center -- AMDD
  4. Shopko Pharmacy, Winner – Credit Return of Unit Dose Medications
  5. Shopko Pharmacy, Winner – 3:1 Technician Ratio
  6. Wal-Mart (Louise), Sioux Falls – 3:1 Technician Ratio

E. Variances    

  1. Omnicare: E-Kit meds-lifetime variance request -- Tabled for further analysis & 1 year variance renewal granted.
  2. Children’s Care Hospital and School – motion to approve by Jeff Nielsen to extend 5 years unless structural or any other significant changes are made with the board being notified of any changes.  Seconded by Diane Dady. Motion/variance carried.
  3. FPGEC Pharmacist – Intern hours – Lenny Petrik motioned to deny request, Seconded by Arlene Ham-Burr.  Motion carried.
  4. Black Hills Surgical Hospital Policy-Tech duties – Jeff Nielsen motioned to deny.  Seconded by Lenny Petrik. Motion carried.

F. Complaints, Investigations, Disciplinary Actions, Loss / Theft – Reports were reviewed.

  1.  Family Pharmacy, Mobidge – Loss/Theft.
  2.  Wanblee Health Center (IHS Clinic) – Loss/Theft
  3. County Drug, Sturgis – Loss/Theft
  4. Prairie Lakes Hospital, Watertown – Loss/Theft
  5. Lewis Drug, Sioux Falls – Complaint (compounding)
  6. Thrifty White, Deadwood -- Complaint 

G. SD Pharmacists Association – Sue Schaefer – Verbal report provided to the Board.

  1.  Activity Report  

    •Recap of the last year will be given at the Business Meeting during the Convention.  125 have registered for the convention with 26 vendors participating. 

    •One resolution called the ‘Practice Act’ may need updating.  Asked board for assistance with reviewing and updating this resolution.

    •Legislative Days will be January 27-28, 2014.  Invited all to attend. 

    •SDPhA is updating their Facebook and Twitter.

    •District Fall Meetings are being scheduled.

    •A discussion was held on a better reporting system for pseudoephedrine.  

    •The Annual Convention is in Chamberlain/Oacoma, September 19-20, 2014.

     2. Financial Report – Closed out fiscal year and we are in the black.  Board support will be coming approximately January 1st.


H. Other Reports

SDSU College of Pharmacy –Dean Hedge provided verbal report

•The College of Pharmacy (COP) had 69 students graduate with the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  By July all students had accepted employment offers.

•The number of students seeking residences is increased. 

•Twenty one PhD students is the target number in a program with 25 filling to capacity.

•Pre-pharmacy class is stronger than last year’s.  There are good candidates due to preadmission program of which standards were not lowered and expectations given to students and their parents.  Also increasing the strength is the availability of scholarship dollars. 

•There has been some turnover in the department.  Four have been hired in the practice department.  In better shape than one year ago.

•New position for an endowed professorship was created.  This position will be for an established educator with a scholarly research background.

•Stacey Kutil, Director of Development, has left. 

•Residency Program is starting a new location in Hartford while the Liebe Drug location continues.  Accreditation process is in progress. 

•Teaching Certificate Program was discussed.

•Working with USD Masters in Public Health and Board of Regents to develop an online program for immunization.

SD Society of Health System Pharmacists report unavailable.

SD Association of Pharmacy Technicians report unavailable.

Health Professional Assistant Program – Maria Eining reported on the program’s ability to assist participants and how HPAP is working to improve early prevention.  Definitions of success were discussed along with how chronic disease management aids in success.  Eining praised the PDMP program as a tool that assists prescribers.   


Old Business 

A.  NECC / FDA update

There have been eighteen health alerts on the FDA website.  Also information regarding companies that have been revoked or suspended by the FDA are on the FDA website.  Of the eighteen pharmacies included on the FDA alerts, one-third of those are licensed in our state.  NECC had product in nine facilities in South Dakota.  All of the NECC product was quarantined with no illnesses or deaths reported in South Dakota from NECC’s products. As a result of the NECC incident the Iowa Board of Pharmacy is doing inspections on behalf of the NABP with a total of 630 inspections to be completed by the end of the year.  A discussion regarding a legislative bill regarding compounding manufacturers and giving the FDA the ability to regulate the licenses was had.

B. Interim Rules Hearing Recap

Jones reported that no discussion or descending votes were held at the hearing.  The rule was passed unanimously.  This was then filed with the Secretary of State and should be law on September 16, 2013 allowing prescriptions to be maintained electronically. 

New Business – Information regarding the NABP Interconnect Steering Committee is under other business and completion of the NASCSA education letters is included under Kari Shanard-Koenders report under inspections.

Other Business 

A.  Prescription Drug Monitoring Program updates – Kari Shanard-Koenders

•Participated in the NABP Interconnect Steering Committee meeting.  Goals of more uniform rules between states for sharing data were discussed. We are able to get information from twelve states.  There are four other states that we are working to meet their requirements so that there is access to their information. 

•Notification was received that we were awarded the Department of Justice Enhancement Grant.  This grant will allow enhancements to be made and well as support PDMP costs. 

•Attended the Interprofessional Summit with Paula Stotz.  A cooperative effort in how our office can assist was discussed.

•An overview of PDMP statistics was reviewed.  2.3 million prescriptions have been entered into the program since its inception.  About half of all pharmacists in South Dakota and one-fourth of prescribers in South Dakota are currently using the PDMP program online.

•Will be attending the Harold Rogers national PDMP Conference the end of September and the NASCSA and PDMP Alliance Meetings in October.


B. Discussion was held regarding immunizations being part of the South Dakota Immunization Information System with access to providers and pharmacists.

C. Board Meeting to be held on December 6th in Sioux Falls.  Location will be determined.  Dates for next year will be suggested at the next meeting.


D. Other Meetings

•District V Winnipeg recap was presented by Paula Stotz and Arlene Ham-Burr 

•NABP Executive Officer Interactive Forum September 24-25 will be attended by Randy Jones

•NABP Sterile Training Meeting on October 8-10th will be attended by Paula Stotz

•District V NABP / AACP meeting will be held August 2014 in Deadwood, SD and hosted by the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy


Diane Dady motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Lenny Petrik.  Motion carried.    

Meeting adjourned at 4:42 P.M.