Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Board Meeting Minutes


Friday, December 7, 2012, 9:00 A.M.

Southeast Technical Institute, 243A, Sioux Falls, SD


Members Present:  President Lisa Rave, Arlene Ham-Burr, Jeff Nielsen, Diane Dady, and Lenny Petrik.

Staff Present:  Executive Director Randy Jones, Inspectors Gary Karel and Paula Stotz, PDMP Director, Kari Shanard-Koenders, and Senior Secretary Rita Schulz.


Others Present:  Sue Schaefer, Director, SD Pharmacist’s Association;  Brenda Jensen and Cheri Kraemer, Pharmacy Specialties, Inc.; Arvid Liebe and Erik Lambrechts, Liebe Drug;  Dennis Hedge, SDSU College of Pharmacy;  Vince Reilly, Medicap Pharmacy; Al Carter, Walgreens; Deb Cummings and Lynna Brenner, Southeast Technical Institute.

The meeting was called to order by Lisa Rave at 9:00 a.m. with introductions of Board members, staff, and others in attendance.

Lisa along with others thanked Arvid for his contributions, outstanding leadership, and continued guidance to the Board.  Arvid’s retirement officially began October 31st.

Lenny Petrik was introduced and will be filling the open position on the Board.

Nomination made by Jeff Nielson to appoint Lisa Rave as new board president. Nomination seconded by Arlene Ham-Burr.  Motion approved.



Arlene Ham-Burr moved for approval of September 20, 2012 meeting minutes.  Seconded by Diane Dady.  Motion approved.


Financial Report

The Board Financial report was reviewed and approved.   Director Randy Jones provided the overview and highlighted salaries over but it would not create issues.

Employee Update

Rita Schulz has filled the Senior Secretary vacancy and Kari Shanard-Koenders has filled the PDMP Director vacancy.


Inspection Reports

Paula’s Report:  Inspections revealing hydrocodone shortage.  Audits will be done to ensure accurate accounting. The purchaser of product is required to maintain invoices for all controlled medications.   Also mentioned was the 90% use rule prior to receiving product for 340B medications.

Discussion was held in regards to understanding 340B.  Sue will have an article in the newsletter and will request additional information from Dana Darger and Steve Peterson. 

Gary’s Report:  We continue to reinforce the Sterile Compounding Guidelines ARSD 20:51:31.  In fact, over the last 2 ½ months, the pharmacy board staff has requested 7 Action Plans of 7 different facilities to come into compliance with these rules.  Also, we had one facility that had implemented some automation and they did not seek approval from the Board of Pharmacy.  An action plan was created. 

Director Jones noted the value of implementation action plan as a great idea following an inspection. 

Statistical Report of licensing activities was discussed.


Approvals have been submitted and the following sites have been approved:

Winner Health Mart Pharmacy; UD Credit Return

White Clinic / Hy-Vee; Starter Packs



  • MedVantx Pharmacy; Offsite Storage – The extension has been granted.  The storage area is temperature controlled and very secure.
  • Wal-Mart Pharmacy; Spearfish – Tech Ratio.  Approval has been made.
  • Medicap Pharmacy; Hartford – Electronic Record Retention (update):  Vince Reilly requested conversion of hard copies to electronic copies.  Storage is limited and electronic copies are readily available.  A back-up of the data is available on hard drive with an additional back-up on Cloud.  C2 prescriptions will be maintained.  An audit using electronic files is easy to access and 70% of prescriptions are now electronic.  Further clarification of the rule will be reviewed.  It takes approximately six months to change a rule. 

    Diane Dady moved for rule change to electronic prescription retention; seconded by Arlene Ham-Burr.  Motion approved.


Complaints - Investigations, Disciplinary Actions, Loss / Theft Reports were reviewed:

DEA form 106 – Madison Community Hospital

Hydrocodone was missing.  The pharmacist in charge implemented some procedural changes. No employee (s) was apprehended.

Walgreen’s Sioux Falls -  Error was made by the Pharmacist/Pharmacy. 

Investigation and discussion was held with the Pharmacist/Pharmacy regarding the error.  In summary, the protocol was followed and the customer received a letter stating the situation was reviewed along with protocol was followed.

SD Pharmacists Association – Sue Schaefer

Financials were reviewed.  In late December the funds from the Board of Pharmacy will be disseminated for pharmacist renewals.

The final count for the Deadwood Conference was 240.  Deadwood was booked again for the 2015 Conference.  The CE selection was good.  60 students and faculty attended.  Students are able to attend at no cost and assistance with lodging expenses was provided.  The Association did make some money after all expenses were made.

 January 30 is scheduled for Legislative Day and pharmacy students will provide health screenings.  C&L is lagging so the Board may be asked for assistance with costs.  The mugs distributed at this meeting will be gifts for the Legislature.

A poster was displayed showing information for patients in pharmacy.  Discussion was held in regards to purchasing the posters with a suggestion they are made smaller in size.  Approximately 290 posters would be needed at a cost of approximately $900.  Jeff Nielson motioned to assist with the purchase of the posters.  Diane Dady seconded.  Motion was passed.

Handouts were provided on bills.  Discussion was held on bill SDCL 36-11-2 to be amended in regards to Immunization.  Law and rule will be reviewed and Randy will discuss further with Sue.  Discussion was also held on the bill to establish a pharmacy audit integrity program.  It was suggested to keep making noise on this bill.  The association will proceed.  This is not only a state concern but a national concern.


Other Reports

SDSU College of Pharmacy

Dean Hedge reported all students passed the 2012 Naplex for licensure with high scores.  Rolling admission is underway and the applicant numbers are strong.  The biggest struggle with the new process is participation of outside interviewers.  Student recruitment is of more concern than in years past due to the number of pharmacy programs so more emphasis has been placed on recruitment.  Interprofessional communication has been implemented to the curriculum with other healthcare programs.  Technology has been increased with the use of ipads and simulation with a SimMan.  This has a big impact on students.  Legislative days are approaching and a bus has been chartered so more students will be able to safely attend.  The Capital Campaign has been successful.  The 2018 Strategic Vision has been released with the overall goals including 1) teaching, 2) research, 3) land grant mission, and 4) operating efficiency and governing ourselves.  On January 9 the college will meet for a strategic planning meeting at the University Center and an invite for stakeholders and representatives of the Board is being made.


SD Society of Health System Pharmacists

John Kappes provided a written update. 


SD Association of Pharmacy Technicians

Deb Cumming provided an overview of the SD Association of Pharmacy Technicians.  At the end of the meeting Deb provided a tour of the teaching lab for the Pharmacy Technician program.

Old Business

After a 10 minute break, newly elected President Lisa Rave reconvened the meeting.

Intern Hours were discussed concerning 260 hours outside of academic rotations.  Some states have done away with this.  Internship hours will become a future topic.


New Business

Walgreens Well Experience

Al Carter provided a presentation on the new layout for Walgreens.  Following the presentation discussion was held on the layout and questions were presented.  Director Jones will work with Al to follow-up with procedures within the state for implementation of the new layout.


New England Compounding Center Pharmacy

Gary Karel provided an overview of the New England Compounding Center incident and revoking their license in South Dakota.  Further discussion was held on concerns in regards to the center and the impact it will be on compounding locations.  The USP 797 document provides updates on this and will be provided in the newsletter.  Director Jones will be attending an FDA hosted meeting in Washington, DC December 18th & 19th relevant to this issue.


Other Business

PDMP Program

Kari Shanard-Koenders provided an overview on the PDMP program.  Presentations and discussions have been made with law enforcement, doctors, and pharmacists to participate in the program.  The 2012 enhancement grant was not received which was the case for many states.  Application for the 2013 enhancement grant will be applied for.

Other Meetings

NABP PMPi Steering Committee Meeting; September 25th – 26th; Chicago

NABP Interactive Executive Officer Forum – November 13th – 14th, Chicago

District V NABP / AACP – August 8-10; Winnipeg, Manitoba

District V NABP / AACP – August 2014; South Dakota


August 14-16, 2014 will be the District V NABP / AACP meeting which will be in Deadwood.  Director Randy Jones asked the Board for assistance in hosting this meeting.

May 18-21st NABP meeting in St. Louis

It was suggested the next SD Board of Pharmacy meeting be held at Avera St. Luke’s in Aberdeen.

Jeff Nielson made motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Arlene Ham-Burr. Motion approved.