Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask my pharmacist about my medications?

  1. What is the name of the medication, and what is it supposed to do?
  2. When and how do I take it?
  3. How long should I take it?
  4. Does this medication contain anything that can cause an allergic reaction?
  5. Should I avoid alcohol, any other medications, foods, and/or activities?
  6. Should I expect any side effects?
  7. What if I forget to take my medication?
  8. Is it safe to become pregnant or to breastfeed while taking this medication?
  9. Is there a generic version of the medication my doctor has prescribed?
  10. How should I store my medications?

Are pharmacy technicians registered with the State of South Dakota?

In 2004 the South Dakota Legislature passed legislation requiring pharmacy technicians to be registered with the Board of Pharmacy. A letter explaining the new requirement has been sent to all pharmacies in South Dakota. The registration application is also available.

How much continuing education is required for a registered pharmacist to renew his license?

Twelve hours of approved continuing education must be provided at the time of license renewal.  These hours must be earned in the two years prior to expiration date of the license.