Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Examiners in Optometry

Board Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2012
Tieszen Law Office Conference Room
Pierre, South Dakota
8:30 AM


1. Attendance

Meeting called to order at 8:32. Board members present were Dr. Kollis-Young, Dr. Hartford, Dr. Bartlett, Dr. Dockter, and Nancy Van Camp. Also present were Naomi Cromwell, Tieszen Law Office; Ann Meyer, Attorney General’s Office; and Deni Amundson, Board Executive Secretary.


2. Approve minutes from May 4, 2012, and August 14, 2012.

Dr. Bartlett moved to approve the minutes from May 4, 2012, seconded by Dr. Hartford. Motion passed. Nancy Van Camp moved to approve the minutes from August 14, 2012, seconded by Joe Hartford. Motion passed.


3. Approve treasurer’s report

Dr. Bartlett moved to approve the treasurer’s report and increase the Tieszen Law Legal Services Contract by $5000, seconded by Dr. Hartford. Motion passed.


4. Board review and approve CE courses

Board reviewed and approved continuing education courses by individual signature vote.


5. Old Business

a) Board Certification- Will continue to closely monitor. Tabled until next meeting.


b) Dual Board Licensing- The Department of Health had no recommendations on procedure. Deni Amundson will make dual boards separate from other corporation files and do a yearly license verification on the medical doctors on dual boards. Will continue to monitor and table until next meeting.


6. New Business

a)  Licensing


6(a)(i)- Three endorsement applications were approved by individual signature vote. Dr. Hartford motioned to add previous state licensure to application, seconded by Nancy Van Camp. Motion passed. Deni Amundson will bring the final draft to the next meeting for approval.


6(a)(ii)- Procedures- No action taken.  


b) Board Member Terms- Dr. Hartford will become president in June of 2013, Dr. Dockter will become vice president, and Dr. Bartlett’s term will expire. Will need to make recommendations for his replacement. Tabled until next meeting.


c) Procedural Codes-  Dr. Hartford motioned to remove 92135 and replace with 92135 and 92134, remove 92070 and replace with 92071, and add 92072 and 99070, seconded by Dr. Dockter. Motion passed.


6d) Law and Ethics Exam- Dr. Hartford moved to require a time limit of two hours, seconded by Nancy Van Camp. Motion passed.


6e) Regulatory Software- Nancy Van Camp moved to use BPro for our software needs and for Deni Amundson to track extra hours involved with implementation. Joe Hartford seconded, motion passed, with Dr. Bartlett abstaining from vote.


6f) Disciplinary Action Reporting- Dr. Dockter moved to post only suspensions and revocations on our web site. We will also only post name, action, and date of action. Seconded by Joe Hartford, motion passed.


6g) Prescriptions- No action taken.


6h) ProKera Amniotic Membranes- Tabled until next meeting to allow further review of the matter.


6i) Vision Therapy Clinics- Dr. Dockter moved that in cases where solely or only vision therapy is performed at a location, other than the primary office, the board is not going to exercise its option to inspect, seconded by Dr. Hartford. Motion passed.


6j) CL’s Sold Without RX- Dr. Hartford reported that the retail business in question is no longer selling contact lenses. No action taken.


6k) Health Professionals Assistance Program- No action taken.


6l) Red Tape Review Initiative- Dr. Hartford moved to present proposed edits to statutes to the Department of Health and to begin the rule promulgation process to address proposed changes to administrative rules, seconded by Dr. Bartlett. Motion passed. Statutes affected are SDCL 47-11B-9, 47-11B-13, 47-11B-22, 36-7-15.2, 36-7-15.3, 36-7-18, 36-7-24, 36-7-25, AND 36-7-27; administrative rules affected are ARSD 20:50:02:01, 20:50:02:03.01, 20:50:02:04.01, 20:50:02:04.05, 20:50:02:04.06, 20:50:04:06, 20:50:05:01, 20:50:07:01 and 20:50:11:01.


7. Time and Place of Next Meeting

Telephonic Meeting- October 26, 2012, 12:30 p.m.


8.  Adjournment

Dr. Dockter moved for adjournment, seconded by Dr. Hartford. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 2:12 p.m.