Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy

Jennifer Stalley
Executive Secretary

PO Box #340, 1351 N. Harrison Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605-224-1721
Fax: 1-888-425-3032


Proposed Changes to Administrative Rules
The South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy has proposed changes to administrative rules 20:76:01:01, 20:76:01:02, 20:76:01:03, 20:76:01:04, 20:76:01:06, 20:76:02:01, 20:76:02:02, 20:76:03:01, 20:76:03:03, 20:76:03:04, 20:76:03:05, 20:76:03:07, 20:76:03:08, 20:76:04:01, 20:76:04:02, 20:76:04:03, 20:76:04:04, 20:76:04:05, 20:76:04:07, 20:76:04:08, 20:76:04:09, 20:76:04:10, 20:76:05:01, 20:76:05:02, 20:76:06:01, 20:76:08:01, 20:76:08:02, and 20:76:08:03.

A copy of the proposed rules can be found HERE

The reason for adopting these rules is to clarify and update existing rules relating to applications, temporary permits and inactive licenses, update and clarify the educational requirements for licensure or a temporary permit, increases the fees for an initial license, renewed license, inactive license and temporary permit, update and clarify the time period of a continuing education cycle and a licensee’s continuing education requirements and recordkeeping requirements, repeal unnecessary rules regarding the board’s complaint process, clarify the malpractice insurance requirements of a licensee or temporary permit holder and recordkeeping requirements, clarify the requirements for requesting an inactive license, and updating the list of facilities recognized by the board to provide the education necessary to meet the requirements for licensure.

A public hearing will be held at the SD Association of County Officials Board Room, 211 East Prospect Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota, 57501, on April 10, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. by the Board.  Persons interested in presenting data, opinions, and arguments for or against the proposed rules may do so by appearing in person at the hearing or by sending them to the South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy, PO Box 340, Pierre, South Dakota, 57501.  Written comments must reach the Board of Massage Therapy office on or before April 8, 2017 or must be brought to the public hearing to be considered.

The official notice of the Proposed Rules Hearing can be found at the State’s official administrative rules website at

The mission of the South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy is to protect the health and safety of the public by mandatory licensure of qualified persons and enforcement of the statutes, rules, and regulations governing the practice of massage therapy, including processing and investigating properly filed complaints and holding hearings as warranted. 

Board Members

SDCL 36-35-2. The Board is legislated to have 5 board members appointed by the Governor. One member shall be a person not licensed by the board and four shall be licensed by the board. Currently serving are:

Karen Kappel, LMT, Dell Rapids, President

Linda Zeller, Lay Member, Pierre, Vice President

Christine Ellwein, LMT, Pierre, Secretary

Bridget Myers, LMT, Sioux Falls

Margaret Johnson, LMT, Sioux Falls

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