Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Funeral Service

Official Board Minutes

Via Teleconference
July 18, 2012

Members Present:
Daryl Isburg, President
Tim Bachman, Member
Howard Sogn, Vice President
Alfred Rude, Lay  Member 
David Volk, Lay Member
Stuart W. Barns, Member
Mariah Pokorny, Dept of Health(Non-voting member)

Members Absent:
Susan Bentsen, Secretary-Treasurer


Others Present:
Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary
Paula Spargur, Executive Assistant
Ryan Boyd       


President Isburg called the meeting to order at 1:05 PM MT. 

Corrections or additions to the agenda:  Sogn requested we add 20:45:05:08 to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes from May 9, 2012:  Volk moved and Bachman seconded to approve the minutes from May 9, 2012.  Motion carried by unanimous vote. 

FY Financial Update:  Spargur reported fiscal year to date figures as of June 29, 2012: year to date revenue of $71,493.53; expenditures of $54,832.03 and cash balance of $60,182.45.  Barns moved and Bachman seconded to approve the financial update.  Motion carried by unanimous vote. 

Complaints/Investigations:  Sogn recommended to dismiss complaint/investigation #150 based on lack of substantive evidence.  Bachman moved and Barns seconded to dismiss.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.    

Law Revision:  The board reviewed the proposed revisions to 36-19-20 and agreed they looked good.  The board discussed the revisions to 36-19-25 and 36-19-37 and agreed upon the language for charging a late filing penalty.  The board office will check with legal counsel to see if we need to make revisions to the law to handle if they do not pay the fee.  We need to make sure we have the authority to revoke their license.  34-26A-27 proposed revisions were also discussed and additional revisions were agreed upon.  Isburg, Bachman and Sogn will meet with Pokorny to discuss how the reporting needs to be done to the state registrar.

Additions to the agenda:  Sogn asked to discuss 20:45:05:08.  He questioned why the crematory at the University of South Dakota is not licensed as a crematory.  Sogn will discuss with John Strohman prior to the next meeting.  Sogn also questioned 20:45:05:16.  He asked for an interpretation of this rule to assist with crematory inspections.  He will also discuss this with John Strohman prior to the next meeting. 

Schedule next meeting:  The next meeting will be scheduled late August or early September 2012 to finalize law changes.  Volk moved and Barns seconded to adjourn. Motion carried by unanimous vote.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 PM MT.