Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Funeral Service

Official Board Minutes
May 9, 2012

Members Present:
Daryl Isburg, President
Tim Bachman, Member
Howard Sogn, Member
Stuart W. Barns, Member
Mariah Pokorny, Dept. of Health (Non-voting member)
Alfred Rude, Vice-President
David Volk, Lay Member
Susan Bentsen, Secretary-Treasurer

Members Absent:


Others Present:

Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary
Paula Spargur, Executive Assistant

John Strohman, Office of the Attorney General
Andrea Bahr
Mitch Steinhoff
Doug Nohava
Ken Vogele

President Isburg called the meeting to order at 2:04 PM CT at the Ramkota Hotel & Watertown Convention Center. 

Corrections or additions to the agenda:  Spargur requested to add pre-solicitation of trusts to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes from February 29, 2012:  Volk moved and Sogn seconded to approve the minutes from February 29, 2012.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

FY Financial Update:  Spargur reported fiscal year to date figures as of March 31, 2012: year to date revenue of $70,663.53; expenditures of $41,765.87 and cash balance of $72,418.61.  Sogn moved and Barns seconded to approve financial update. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Election of officers:  Sogn moved and Bachman seconded to retain Isburg as President and Bentsen as Secretary Treasurer.  Bachman amended motion and Bentsen seconded to add Sogn as Vice-President. Motion carried by unanimous vote. 

Andrea Snoozy-Bahr Question:  Andrea Snoozy-Bahr informed the board of her establishment’s plans to remodel.  She questioned what would become of her license during the remodeling period.  Strohman will research her questions and provide a response.

Ken Vogele letter:  Ken Vogele had concerns regarding the posting of minutes and scheduling of board meetings.  Tellinghuisen explained the process of posting approved minutes to the website and having draft minutes available within 10 days of the board meeting.  The Board plans on having a meeting quarterly or as needed.  

Cremated remains (34-26A-27):  Sogn proposes to eliminate the 30 day waiting period for cremated remains.  The Board office had contacted LRC to determine the reasoning behind the 30 day waiting period and there was no record of the reason for the waiting period.  The Board plans to pursue changing the law.

Strohman explained the complaint process to the Board.  Strohman exited the call at 2:55 PM CT.  

Non-renewal Penalty:  The Board discussed charging a penalty for late renewals.  Volk asked the Board office to draft legislation to charge a late fee for those who renew after January 1st.    Sogn also discussed the possibility of requiring a separation of the crematory room.  He will research this and discuss at the next meeting.  Nohava joined the meeting at 3:10 PM CT.

Continuing Education:  Sogn discussed requiring Continuing Education.  Isburg asked the two public members to comment on continuing education.  The Board agreed to begin recommending a minimum of six continuing education hours this renewal period.  A sampling of the renewals will be checked to see if it will be necessary to require mandatory continuing education.

Administration of Exam (36-19-20):  The Board plans on changing legislation on the  Administration of the Exam.  

Pre-solicitation of Trusts:  The Board discussed how to make sure all establishments are having non-licensed people that are selling funeral trusts register.  The Board will include a reminder in the Association newsletter.

Trainee Process:  Bachman explained how he contacts the trainee and the sponsor to check on their progress and answer any questions regarding the progress.  He would like to review and revise the forms.  Isburg asked Bentsen and Barns to assist Bachman in reviewing the forms. 

#150-still pending

Schedule next meeting:  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM CT/1:00 PM MT.    Volk moved and Bentsen seconded to adjourn.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:18 PM CT.