Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Funeral Service

Official Board Minutes
March 12, 2011

Members Present:
Daryl Isburg, President
Tim Bachman, Member
Howard Sogn, Member
Jim Goglin, Member
Anthony Nelson, RN, Dept. of Health (Non-voting member)
Alfred Rude, Vice-President
David Volk, Lay Member

Members Absent:
Susan Bentsen, Secretary-Treasurer  


Others Present:
Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary
Paula Spargur, Executive Assistant
John Strohman, Office of the Attorney General

President Isburg called the meeting to order at 2:19 PM CT at the Ramkota Hotel & Convention Center in Sioux Falls.  

Corrections or additions to the agenda:  No corrections or additions to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes from March 3, 2011:  Rude moved and Bachman seconded to approve the minutes from March 3, 2011.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

FY Financial Update:  Spargur reported fiscal year to date figures as of March 31, 2011: year to date revenue of $70,295.49; expenditures of $42,814.57 and cash balance of $52,355.63.  Sogn moved and Bachman seconded to approve financial update. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Election of officers:  Sogn moved and Volk seconded to maintain the current slate of officers.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.   

#148-Bachman recommended to dismiss complaint/investigation #148 based on the complaint getting rectified.  Volk moved and Rude seconded to dismiss.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

Alkaline Hydrolysis:  Bachman described the process of Alkaline Hydrolysis which is a water based chemical resolving process using strong alkali in water to reduce the body to ash.  Six states are currently using this process.  Bachman expressed to the board that they need to understand this process is available and it could come to our state so we will need to change our law to accommodate it.  Bachman will be attending the Iowa convention where there is a seminar on Alkaline Hydrolysis so he will bring additional information on the process to our next meeting.  Goglin joined the meeting at 2:47 PM CT.

Cremated remains (34-26A-27):  Sogn presented his proposed revisions to 34-26A-1(4) and 34-26A-1(6) to allow the Alkaline Hydrolysis process.  He also proposed eliminating the 30 day wait period for releasing cremated remains for scattering.  The board discussed eliminating this language.  Volk stated the board needs to find out the reason behind the 30 day hold.  This law was written in 1988.  The Board office and Sogn agreed to contact LRC and research old minutes to determine the reason for the 30 day waiting period.  Bachman suggested that this topic would be a good newsletter article for the Association as someone may be able to provide some insight. 

Crematory owned and operated under a funeral establishment:  Isburg requested we review SDCL 34-26A-3 as he had concerns with a crematory being owned by anyone other than a funeral establishment or funeral embalmer.  Strohman expressed that it would appear we were trying to control the market, this issue is an association issue not a board issue.  Sogn addressed the issue of the USD crematory not being inspected or holding a license.  Strohman will contact them to discuss this issue.

Prion diseases – Anthony Nelson:  Prion diseases are a family of rare progressive neurodegenerative disorders.  They are usually rapidly progressive and always fatal.  Nelson informed the board that there are resources out there in case they have a case.  Bachman suggested Nelson provide this information to the Association as this is very important for embalmers to be aware of.  Nelson had provided the Association with this information. 

Schedule next meeting:  The next meeting was not scheduled at this time but will be held in early August.    Volk moved and Rude seconded to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:47 PM CT.