Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Meeting Minutes



Chamberlain, South Dakota
March 10, 2012

Dr. Mark Bledsoe called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. with the following members present: Dr. Donn Fahrendorf, newly appointed lay member Beverly McCracken, Dr. Jeff Kramer, Dr. Jerrid Goebel and Marcia Walter, Executive Director.

M/S Goebel/ Kramer  to approve minutes of the December 3, 2011 board meeting
                                                                             Motion passed

Marcia Walter presented the treasurer’s report.  The state account currently has a balance of $237,771.48.  All renewals have been received.  With no additions or corrections, the board accepted the treasurer’s report as printed

Dr. Kramer reviewed the investigative report with the board.

M/S Goebel/Fahrendorf   to approve #11/08, #08/10, #01/12, #02/12, #03/12, #04/12 and #05/12
                                                                            Passed, no opposition.

Peer Review – there was one review received and completed; nothing more to report

M/S Fahrendorf/Kramer    to approve peer review report
                                                                            Passed, no opposition

Marcia asked the board for clarification of communicable disease requirement. Dr. Bledsoe has been in touch with Greta Thorpe from Aberdeen and is working on program requirements to give to the state for consideration; there is an approved program available through Palmer/NCMIC; consider asking schools what is taught on this topic also.  Dr. Bledsoe will continue working on program requirements.

The board reviewed the proposed rules changes.  Marcia will continue working with board attorney for draft language and also look at dates LRC will be meeting to see when rules can be processed and report back.

The board previously established that only 20 of the 40 hours of continuing education could be obtained via distance learning.  After further review of laws, the only way this could be enforced would be by making a rule change. 

M/S Goebel/Fahrendorf   motion to withdraw requirement for limiting online education
                                                                            Passed, no opposition

The board will monitor online education trends over the next year and see what is being taken, numbers of people taking online versus classroom courses, quality of online courses etc. May need to readdress the issue at that time.  The board will also closely monitor the classes that offer certifications.

Hyperbaric Chambers – the board reviewed information received regarding use of hyperbaric chambers. The board will not rule on its use until peer reviewed research is received to support the use of hyperbaric chambers not a statement from vendor that is selling the product.

M/S Fahrendorf/Goebel    to table until further information received
                                                                            Passed, no opposition

Dr. Bledsoe called to recess the board meeting to administer new doctor matriculation at 10:00 a.m. - reconvened board meeting following matriculation at 11:40 a.m.

Dr. Robin Lecy, representing the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), asked the board via letter to allow South Dakota certified chiropractic assistants to take the NBCE CA pilot exam in lieu of the mandated 6-hour continuing education requirement for this education cycle.  The results of the exam would be used for NBCE statistical purposes.  The board had concerns with the proposal and will not allow the test to be taken in lieu of the continuing education requirement.  A letter will be sent to Dr. Lecy regarding the boards concerns. 

NBCE Part IV testing will take place on May 18 & 19, 2012 in Bloomington, MN.

M/S Goebel/ McCracken    to approve Dr. Fahrendorf & Dr. Bledsoe to participate in NBCE part IV testing
                                                                           Passed, no opposition

SDCA will be sponsoring a 36-hour x-ray certification course during the spring conference in Sioux Falls, April 27-29, 2012.

M/S Goebel/McCracken  to have Dr. Bledsoe, Dr. Kramer & Marcia Walter administer the x-ray test on Sunday, April 29, 2012
                                                                            Passed, no opposition

M/S McCracken/Fahrendorf   to approve activation of inactive license for Dr. Tracy VanLaecken
                                                                           Passed, no opposition

M/S Goebel/Kramer    to approve preceptorship of Taylor Anderson with Dr. Anthony Skjefte
                                                                           Passed, no opposition

M/S Fahrendorf/Kramer   to approve matriculants 31201, 31202 and 31203 pending completion of their files
                                                                            Passed, no opposition

With no further business,

M/S Goebel/Kramer   to adjourn at 1:10 p.m.
                                                                            Passed, no opposition.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 2 in Chamberlain.