Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists

Board Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2016


Kurt Reder, President
Louise French, Secretary/Treasurer

Todd Decker, Member

Dan Smith, Member

Ann Oldenkamp, Lay Member


Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary

Jill Lesselyoung, Executive Assistant

President Reder called meeting to order at 9:55 AM MT.

CORRECTIONS OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: There were no corrections or additions to the agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINTUES FROM APRIL 7, 2016: Decker moved and Smith seconded to approve the minutes from April 7, 2016. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

FY FINANCIAL UPDATE: Lesselyoung reported fiscal year to date figures as of May 31, 2016: year to date revenue of $12,103.42; expenditures of $21,403.22 and cash balance of $69,918.68. French moved and Oldenkamp seconded to approve the financials as presented. Motion carried by unanimous vote.


#140: Decker advised a public letter of reprimand was in process with the Attorney General's office. Tellinghuisen explained the process to the Board.

PROVISIONAL LICENSURE DISCUSSION: The Board discussed a request for extension of a provisional license for an applicant who failed the written examination. Following discussion, French moved and Smith seconded to extend the Provisional license until the next scheduled Board meeting not to exceed one year from the date of the application under any circumstances In order to sit for the practical examination, the applicant will need to take and pass the IHS written examination with the results received by the Board office no later than January 1, 2017. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

The Board discussed the current failure rate for the IHS examination. The Board agreed it may provide the most benefit if applicants were to utilize the IHS study course.

DISCUSSION ON INTERNET ADVERTISING: It has come to the attention of the Board that a licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser has been advertising audiology services via an internet site. Following discussion, Decker moved and Reder seconded to send the licensee a letter requiring correction of the advertising. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

DISCUSSION ON INTERNET THERAPY: Lesselyoung provided the Board the most recent information from the IHS Government Affairs Manager regarding the important topic of tele-health. International Hearing Society does not have an official policy statement available at this time, but would like to emphasize the critical importance of an in-person evaluation and fitting for hearing instruments. IHS provided a position statement of the Sale of Hearing Aids Direct to Consumers through the Internet or Mail Order, as well as IHS' Model Licensure Act.

Discussion was held on the topic of what technology upgrades will be necessary to support the Data Collection process required by the State. Lesselyoung advised the Board office will need to upgrade their computers as well as the platform they currently use to collect data. The administrative office has received quotes from companies that specialize in this area and will wait to see if there is any funding available from the State. Tellinghuisen's office will continue to research what other Boards and States are using as their platform for data collection.

IHS ANNUAL CONVENTION, SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2016: The Board discussed the IHS Annual Convention to be held in Chicago, September 8-10, 2016. Tellinghuisen advised in the past the Board has agreed to send a Board and or staff member to the convention. If someone is interested, they should contact the Board office for paperwork.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS COMING IN BETWEEN DATE OF MAILING AND DATE OF MEETING: Decker advised he is willing to upgrade/revise the practical examination for the next meeting. There was no other business.

SCHEDULE NEXT MEETING: The next meeting is tentatively scheduled by teleconference on January 16, 2017 at 12CT/11MT.

Smith moved and Decker seconded to adjourn at 11:20AM MT. Motion carried by unanimous vote.