Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Hearing Aid Dispensers and Audiologists

Board Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2016 - Teleconference



Louise French, Secretary/Treasurer

Todd Decker, Member

Kurt Reder, Member

Dan Smith, Member

Ann Oldenkamp, Lay Member






Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary

Jill Lesselyoung, Executive Assistant

Brooke Tellinghuisen Geddes, Executive Assistant                                                                       


French called the meeting to order at 11:07AM MT.


CORRECTIONS OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA:  Tellinghuisen asked to move up the election of officers. 


ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  French nominated and Decker seconded to elect Reder as President.  Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote; Smith, yes; Decker, yes; French, yes; Oldenkamp, yes; Reder, yes.  Decker moved and Oldenkamp seconded to re-elect French as Secretary/Treasurer.  Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote; Smith, yes; Decker, yes; French, yes; Reder, yes; Oldenkamp, yes. Decker has agreed to serve as complaint officer.


WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS:  The Board welcomed new members, Todd Decker, AuD. and Dan Smith, Hearing Aid Dispenser.


WELCOME NEW OFFICE STAFF:  Tellinghuisen introduced her new staff members, Jill Lesselyoung and Brooke Tellinghuisen Geddes. 


FY FINANCIAL UPDATE: Lesselyoung reported fiscal yearend figures as of June 30, 2015, and year to date figures as of November 30, 2015.  Yearend:   revenue of $28,631.20, expenses of $22,210.08 and cash balance of $77,218.48.  Year to date:  revenue of $5,553.42, expenses of $9,278.37 and cash balance of $71,591.00.  Lesselyoung advised the bulk of the Board’s revenue is received during the annual renewal period.  Decker had questions regarding the Board’s cash balance.


Tellinghuisen advised a cash balance is a necessary reserve for complaints as a hearing

could require the Board to secure outside legal counsel.  The Attorney General Representative could not act in conjunction as prosecutor and the Board’s legal counsel.  Oldenkamp moved and Decker seconded to approve the financials.  Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote; Smith, yes; Decker, yes; French, yes; Reder, yes; Oldenkamp, yes. 




Complaint #139- pending

Complaint #140 – pending


There were several questions regarding the complaint process and Tellinghuisen explained the general complaint process to the Board members.   


FTC STAFF GUIDANCE ON ACTIVE SUPERVISION OF STATE REGULATORY BOARDS:  Tellinghuisen brought to the board’s attention and summarized FTC Staff Guidance on active supervision of state regulatory boards controlled by market participants.  Tellinghuisen will have the Board’s attorney general representative talk to the Board on this issue at a future date.



Board members received a list of data elements to be collected by DLR Licensing Boards and Commissions Data Collection Applications.   Lesselyoung explained this data is required by Department of Labor and Department of Health.  The Licensing Boards and Commissions Data Collection Application will be accessed by the approved personnel from each Licensing Board, DOH and DLR.  Each approved individual will only have access to information for the Board that person works with and no personally identifiable information will be released to the public.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS COMING IN BETWEEN DATE OF MAILING AND DATE OF MEETING: The Board discussed the practical examination and French advised it’s administered by a member of each profession; an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser. 


Decker had questions regarding internet therapy.  The Board office will check with Reierson to see if he may have an update for the Board from the IHS conference.  French is the education review officer for the Board and updated on the application approval process.  She personally contacts each applicant and advises them to use the IHS examination study guide. 


SCHEDULE NEXT MEETING: The Board will wait to see if there applicants to test before finalizing the next Board meeting.  The Board office will send dates around at a future time.


French moved and Decker seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried by roll call vote:  Smith, yes; Decker, yes; French, yes; Reder, yes; Oldenkamp, yes.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM MT.