Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Podiatry Examiners

Official Board Minutes for January 17, 2011
Teleconference Board Meeting

Members Present:  
David Lonbaken, DPM, President
Neil Skea, DPM, Member
John Forrette, DPM, Secretary/Treasurer
Scott Shindler, DPM, Education Officer
Jeanie Blair, RN, Lay Member

Others Present:
Carol Tellinghuisen, Executive Secretary
Paula Spargur, Executive Assistant

President Lonbaken called the meeting to order at 11:06 AM MT. 

Corrections or additions to the agenda:  There were no corrections or additions to the agenda.

Complaints/Investigations Update:  Shindler moved and Blair seconded to enter executive session at 11:07 AM MT to discuss complaints/investigations.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.  Forrette moved and Shindler seconded to exit executive session at 11:18 AM MT.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.

#114 – still pending

#116 – Skea recommended based on the recent felony conviction that the Board proceed forward with revocation of license.  Shindler moved and Forrette seconded.  Motion carried by roll call vote; Blair, yes; Shindler, yes; Lonbaken, yes; Forrette, yes.

Any other business:  The Board discussed the records of a Podiatrist who left their practice.  Tellinghuisen will contact the Medical Board who had a similar situation and Lonbaken agreed to contact the Medical foundation. 

Shindler moved and Blair seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:31 AM MT.