Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Policy Statement on Remote "Pick Up" Sites

The Board of Pharmacy recognizes that in rural areas it is often appropriate for retail pharmacies to have a remote “pick up” site to allow patients to obtain prescriptions close to their home without traveling to the pharmacy.   This service can be especially helpful during bad weather and for senior citizens.  The pharmacy providing this convenience must develop good procedures to insure confidentiality and security.

The following guidelines shall apply:

Any pharmacy that desires to maintain a remote prescription “pick up” site must submit the following information to the Board of Pharmacy before establishing the site:

  • The name and address of each site
  • A copy of the procedures for the site
  • A sample of logs and forms used at the site

The board will review the request and provide written approval if the requirements and procedures meet standards that insure security and patient safety.

Requirements for the “Pick Up” Site

  1. The site must have a locked cabinet or drawer for storing the prescriptions.

Procedures at the "Pick Up" Site

  1. Prescriptions stored at the site will be placed in the locked cabinet or drawer immediately upon delivery to the location.
  2. Only the patients name will be listed on the outside of the prescription bag.  The receipt with protected health information will be inside of the stapled bag. If someone other than the patient will be picking up the prescription, the name will also be listed on the bag.
  3. The identity of the patient (or other person) must be verified.  If not personally known by the clerk – check driver’s license or other photo ID.
  4. The person picking up the prescription will sign the receipt or log.
  5. A designated employee will inventory the prescription bags at least weekly and provide a list of unclaimed
    bags to the pharmacy

Requirements for the Pharmacy

  1. The pharmacy shall maintain a list of all employees at the “pick up” site who will be responsible for the prescriptions. The pharmacy shall review the guidelines and procedures with each employee and document the date of the review.
  2. A log shall be maintained in the Pharmacy of all prescriptions delivered to the site. The log shall include documentation of counseling.
  3. The pharmacy will provide a log to the site for tracking and recording all prescription bags delivered to and picked up from the site.
  4. The pharmacy shall conduct and document regular visits to the site to insure compliance with procedures sand guidelines.

Adopted 9/5/2008