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October 2010
South Dakota State Board of Pharmacy
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The following candidates recently met licensure requirements and were registered as pharmacists in South Dakota:  Bobby Bartlett, Tamara Berg, Nellie Berkenpas, Mindy Beusch, Brandon Bloomgren, Cory Bradley, Bridget Bradley, Molly Branaugh, Dale Christensen, William Coolidge, Jillian Corbett, Gregory Daniels, Austin Danielson, Lucas Darling, Amy Engelhart, Ann Foede, Tyler Geerdes, Sara Gossen, Lacey Haensel, Jill Haiar, Carrie Hespen, Jaccii Hoffbeck, Danita Hoffman, Stacy Hoitsma, Jessica Hummel, Bobbi Johnson, Katherine King, Cole Kling, April Krull, Timothy Larson, Amy Lebrun, Sara Lout, Maari Loy, Mandy Maasjo, Justin Manning, Erin McCleeary, Jamie Meister, Jessica Meyer, Danielle Milbrandt, Heidi Miles, Jean Mingo, Amanda Muir, Kyle Nebelsick, Jessica Okins, Erin Olson, Satyam Patel, Tasha Rausch, Angela Ritter, Joseph Roby, Kimberlie Roiger, Alexis Scherr, Dustin Schrader, Rehme Sutton, Kimberly Swingler, Sylvia Thomley, Andrew Tonneson, and Darci Weakland.


Pharmacy licenses have been issued recently to:  Winner Healthmart Pharmacy, Winner, Daniel Fiebelkorn, Pharmacist-in-charge;  Hy-Vee Pharmacy #6, Sioux Falls, Kristin Williams, Pharmacist-in-charge.


Renewal notices and a list of registered pharmacy technicians were mailed to each South Dakota pharmacy in early September.  The pharmacist-in-charge is responsible for seeing that each pharmacy technician renews their registration before October 30.  The pharmacy technician may not be present in the pharmacy if the new certificate is not posted in the pharmacy on November 1st.  After the technician completes the renewal form the PIC must review the information and sign before sending it to the Board office.

A technician who has never registered with the Board must complete the registration process within 30 days of hire.  Both the initial registration form and renewal form are located at the board web site  We encourage you to call or email our office with any questions about the initial registration or renewal process.


Today in our busy pharmacies we continue to utilize the skills and knowledge of our Pharmacy Technicians more and more.  Pharmacists would be unable to fill the present volume of prescriptions and provide adequate counseling to our patients without the help of capable Pharmacy Technicians. 

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) has convened a pharmacy technician education and training task force the past two years. The 2008 task force recommended that all pharmacy technicians should take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) national certification exam. The 2009 task force recommended that all pharmacy technicians should have some type of formal education now (including structured on-the-job training) and that by year 2015 all pharmacy technicians should graduate from an accredited pharmacy technician educational program.

Pharmacists should encourage the Pharmacy Technicians working with them to complete a training program now and make plans to take the national certification exam.

We have information on suitable text books to use for training and/or for review in preparation for the exam. 

The South Dakota Association of Pharmacy Technicians also offers review sessions periodically throughout the state.


Preceptors need to be aware that the intern Practical Experience Application/Affidavit must be submitted at the beginning of the student’s internship.  A new Practical Experience Application/Affidavit is also needed when an intern changes pharmacies or preceptors.  The Progress Report of Internship should be filed with the Board of Pharmacy within five days of the ending of the experience.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in a reduction of the hours approved by the Board of Pharmacy.

Rules went into effect August 2009 requiring interns to have 2000 hours toward licensure.  Board of Pharmacy Administrative Rule 20:51:02:12 describes additional requirements and limitations on the hours Interns may earn. 

Please help your interns accrue hours needed toward licensure by signing and submitting their forms in a timely manner.


 During the most recent legislative session a new law was passed establishing Prescription Drug Monitoring (PDMP) in South Dakota.  This law places the responsibility for implementing and operating this program with the Board of Pharmacy.  Rep. David Lust, Rapid City, provided the leadership in drafting the bill and gaining legislative support.  The law provides for an Advisory Committee made up of prescribers, dispensers and other stakeholders to provide advice and make recommendations to the Board regarding how to best use the program to improve patient care and foster the goal of reducing misuse, abuse and diversion of controlled substances.  Board of Pharmacy staff will be drafting administrative rules to define the details of program within the authority and mandate of the law.  As the rules are developed they will be available on the Board website.  We encourage pharmacists to comment on the rules prior to the public hearing.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been a long time proponent of PDMP’s due to the proven effectiveness in curtailing the diversion and abuse of controlled substances.  The PDMP involves the exchange of health information.  Pharmacies will be submitting prescription drug utilization data to the program. Data submission will be mandatory for all pharmacies and dispensers who provide controlled substances to South Dakota patients.  Data will be collected online via an interface data dump (like online insurance adjudication).  The information will be transferred to the secure data base.            

Prescribers and pharmacists will access this information for the care of their patients.  The program is not intended to be used to target subjects for investigation, but rather to identify illegal activity such as prescription forgery, indiscriminate prescribing, and to deter “doctor shoppers”.  Health care providers will have access to review the data online through a secure server once the data has been collected, but are not required to access the database prior to writing or dispensing a prescription.

According to other states, the implementation period will take about one year.  We anticipate that our program will be operational by July 1, 2011.  Executive Secretary Ron Huether has submitted a request to the US Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Assistance - Harold Roger’s PDMP Implementation Grant.  If we are successful in obtaining the $400,000 grant, the program will be funded through September 30, 2012.  

Staffing for the program will include: a part time pharmacist to serve as PDMP director and a full time clerical/technical associate to perform day-to-day data review and provide responses to inquiries.  We will contract with a vendor that currently provides data collection and storage services to existing programs in other states.  The PDMP director will be responsible for designing educational materials for health care providers and the public.  The materials will include details of PDMP and how prescribers and dispensers can use the information to provide better patient care. The director will provide face-to-face education to prescribers and dispensers around the state.


Board meeting dates:  The next scheduled meeting will be held on December 3 in Sioux Falls.  Please check our website for the time, location and agenda.

Please read all Newsletters and keep them for future reference.  The Newsletters will be used in hearings as proof of notification.  Please contact the Board office at 605-362-2737 if you have questions about any article in the Newsletter. Past Newsletters are also available on the Board’s website (/boards/pharmacy/Newsletter.aspx).


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