Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 20, 2012, 1:00 P.M.
Lead/Deadwood Regional Hospital
Deadwood, SD

Members present: President Arvid Liebe, Arlene Ham-Burr, Jeff Nielsen and Diane Dady.  Member Lisa Rave was excused.

Staff present: Executive Director Randy Jones, Inspectors Gary Karel and Paula Stotz, and Ron Huether. 

Others present:  Quenton McEntee, Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy; Trent Merkwan, Miller Rexall Drug; Kate Mires and Barb Klinkel, Pharmerica; and Albert Barber, Golden Living Center.

The meeting was called to order by Board President Arvid Liebe at 1:03 p.m. with introductions of board members / staff, and others in attendance. 

A. Minutes 

Minutes from the July 13, 2012 board meeting were introduced.  Diane Dady moved to approve the minutes of the July 13, 2012 meeting, seconded by Jeff Nielsen.  Motion approved. 

B. Financial Reports 

The financial report through September 1, 2012 was reviewed.  Director Randy Jones gave an overview, and highlighted the

miscellaneous fees from the “Revenue  Report by Month”.  This included fees associated with the sale of law books  ($10)and the sale of a list of names to various entities ($100).  Arvid Liebe suggested we check on what other states are charging for these types of fees. 

Randy reviewed the Federal Grant Program for PDMP.  The monthly fee paid to HID for the PDMP is $7000 a month.  He indicated that we have applied for additional grant money to operate the PDMP program.  Various options were reviewed regarding a revenue source for PDMP if the additional grant money was not approved.  Examples of possible revenue included increased fees on controlled substance permits, charge “out of state pharmacies” for controlled substance permit, or increase wholesaler fees.  Randy discussed the NABP Interconnect Program.  Randy is part of the steering committee, and he will be attending a meeting in Chicago on Sept. 25th and 26th to learn more about the NABP Interconnect Program.  Currently the program includes 13 states.

Randy then reviewed the “Remaining  Authority by Object/Subject” report (yellow data sheet).  Items discussed included computer consultant, equipment service & maintenance, and office supplies.  There is 83% remaining in this budget year. Randy indicated that the office did budget $100,000 for a new platform.  

C. Staff Reports


Employee Update:

a. Jill Vanderbush has accepted a full time position with the SD Board of Nursing.

b. Rita Schultz has been hired as Jill’s replacement.  Rita will begin work on Oct. 1, 2012.  Rita was previously employed with the SDSU College of Pharmacy.

c. Ron Huether has officially retired.  However, he will be available as needed to assist with training the new PDMP Director. 

d. Kari Shanard-Koenders has officially started working as the new PDMP Director.


Inspector Reports:

a. Paula noted :

  • she has found food and beverages co-mingled with drugs in refrigerators.
  • there has been a lack of control substance auditing for CIII-CV drugs.  The audits on CII drugs have been good. 
  • that some PIC’s were having difficulty running reports for receipt of controlled substances when asked to run an audit.  

b. Both Gary and Paula noted:

  • Combat Meth certificates have expired in a few locations
  • Freezer logs not implemented or maintained for Zostavax

c. Gary noted:

  • USP 797 – Sterile Products Compounding – continue to see challenges with facilities trying to be compliant.  However, PIC’s are moving in the right direction.  Winner Reg. Hospital has moved into new location ~1000 sq. ft. which include a new IV room
  • Overall the PICs have been doing a very good job

Statistical Reports:

a. Pharmacists – 1,867 active licenses (includes 15 new licenses)

b. Pharmacy Interns – 344 currently registered

c. Full-Time Pharmacy permits – 247 (includes 5 new licenses – see below)

  • Wal-Mart Pharmacy ,  Rapid City – Alexander Chmura, PIC
  • Shopko Pharmacy ,  Belle Fourche – Dean Klyve, PIC
  • Shopko Pharmacy ,  Hot Springs – Roland Wick, PIC
  • Avera e-Pharmacy, Avera McKennan Hospital,  Sioux Falls – Andrea Darr, PIC
  • Parker Pharmacy, LLC, Parker – Chris Poncelet, PIC

d. Part-time Pharmacy permits – 47

e. Technician registrations – 1881 (39 new registrations)

f. Wholesale permits – 1,049 current (17 new licenses)

g. Non-resident Pharmacy permits – 450 (10 new permits)


D. Approvals:    Documents have been submitted and unanimously approved for the following:


Regional Pharmacy – Spearfish;  Medication Organizer Policy

2. Parker Pharmacy;  Change of Owner – Chris Poncelet

3. Sanford Aberdeen Hospital – AMDD

4. Boyd’s Pharmacy (Mt View) – Rapid City’ AMDD

5. Human Svs. Ctr. Pharmacy – Yankton;  Repackaging/Credit Return Policy


E. Variances:

  Rural Technologies, Inc. in concert with SDSU with Dr. Dwivedi requested an extension to the variance that was approved on July 13, 2012.  Jones discussed the details of this request. They are using 3% topical tetracycline, and they want to use it to test against clostridium difficile.  This product is made by PharmaCline. They want to extend the study until the end of September.  The variance was unanimously approved.


F. Complaints:

  Lewis Long Term Care Pharmacy; Sioux Falls.  Randy Jones conducted an investigation of this complaint by visiting with the PIC at Lewis Long Term Care and the patient.  It primarily involved a customer service and miscommunication issue.   It has been resolved.


G. SD Pharmacists Association:

  1. SDPhA convention in Deadwood was lifted up.  Over 240 people were registered which includes 55 students

  2. Sue Schaefer provided a hard copy of the Activity Report and Financial Report for the board members to  review. 


H. Other Reports:

  1. SDSU College of Pharmacy – Dean Hedge – no report

  2. SD Society of Health System Pharmacists – no report

  3. SD Association of Pharmacy Technicians – no report

I. Old Business:


Golden Living Center – Automation in LTCF; Al Barber

Al Barber, with Golden Living Center, was present to discuss automation in Long Term Care Facilities.  He provided the Board Members with a power point presentation prior to the meeting and he showed a short video during the meeting.  The video showed how the remote automated dispensing device would work.  Alixa Rx is the brand name of this device.  It would provide just-in-time medications for patients at the Golden Living facilities.  The device would hold cassette’s that are labeled, bar coded, tamper evident, tamper resistant, and tamper proof.  They contain a RFID Chip.  A registered technician would fill the machines while being supervised remotely by a pharmacist.  Medications are dispensed into packets which are then put into a medication cart for distribution to the patients.  The machine will hold about 170 medications.  This system would eliminate wastage and free up nursing time to take care of patients.

Al shared that they have a closed pharmacy up and running in Edina, MN which has been approved by the Board of Pharmacy in Minnesota.  This pharmacy is serving 2 facilities.

There were various questions regarding diversion, recalls, expired medications, cost effectiveness, billing, etc.  The company would need to register the machines, apply for a Non-Resident Pharmacy Permit, make sure the pharmacists are licensed in SD, and follow the remote pharmacy services guidelines that we have established with the Board of Pharmacy.


J. New Business:


  1. NABP Memorandum of Understanding for PDMP has been signed 8/6/12 per Randy Jones.
  2. Universal Pharmacy Internship Requirements

    Randy indicated there was great discussion at the District V meeting regarding changes in the internship requirements.  There was a proposal to license an intern in one state, and that same requirement would apply to all interns in District states.

    Randy shared there was discussion about the concept of not requiring internship.  Dennis McAllister indicated that pharmacy requires internship when medicine and nursing does not.  It was suggested we determine what other states are doing.   This will be a future topic of discussion.


K. Other Business:


  1. District V Report (Jones / Rave); Duluth 8/2-8/2
  2. Board Meeting Dates
    - December 7 – Southeast Technical Institute; Sioux Falls
  3. Other Meetings;
    - SDPhA Annual Convention – September 21-22; Deadwood
    - NABP Interactive Member Forum; September 19-20
    - NABP Interactive Executive Officer Forum – November 13-14; Chicago


L. Adjourn

  The meeting was adjourned at 3:40pm(MST); Nielsen motioned, Dady seconded, motion carried.