Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Pharmacy

Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, July 13, 2012, 10:30 A.M.
Sanford Aberdeen Medical Clinic
Aberdeen, SD

  • Regional Medical Clinic, Remote Pickup Site, Buffalo, SD
  • Remote Order Entry, Cardinal Health, Aberdeen, Burke, Winner


  • A variance was requested by Cigna Home Delivery to allow a variance to the recently passed technician certification rules for technicians working on the production floor at Cigna.  Liebe asked about the number of technicians that would be affected by the variance and Cigna’s representatives agreed that it would be approximately 6-8.  Ham-Burr moved to reject variance, Dady seconded.
  • A variance was granted for Rural Technologies, Inc. in concert with South Dakota State University with Dr. Dwivedi.  This is a short lived study that will conclude the last week of July. Jones requested that RTI deliver a copy of their findings at the conclusion of the study.
  • Medicap Pharmacy of Hartford, SD requested a variance to the record retention of hard copy prescriptions as defined in administrative Rule. The pharmacy will report the results of this variance at the December Board Meeting.  Medicap is requesting a variance so that they will no longer have to keep hard copies of prescriptions and will simply keep an electronic copy. Electronic health records appear to be a way of the future Jones stated.


  • Family Pharmacy in Mobridge received a complaint about an inhaler that was not dispensed immediately.  It was determined that this was a customer service issue.
  • DEA Form 106-There as a controlled substance bottle missing that was reported to authorities.  It is believed that the bottle was mistakenly thrown in the trash.  The inspectors will continue to push pharmacies to add more cameras.

SD Pharmacists Association Report

  • Financial and activity reports were provided to board members for their review.

Other Reports

  • Dr. Jane Mort reported for South Dakota State University that the 2014 Self Study has been scheduled.  Mort reports that they are replacing the P4 Oral Exam with the NAPLEX pre-test.  She also reported that the college is working on inter-professional education.
  • No report was given by the SD Association of Pharmacy Technicians. 


  • Sanford’s Mike Duncan reported that the robot had an accuracy rate of 99.915% at last check with an overall accuracy rate of 99.95%.  They would like to go from a 5% check down to 2-3% due to the potential for error when checking due to human intervention.  The Board approved the checking for accuracy to be dropped to once every other month with a 24 hour consecutive cart fill.
  • Sanford’s Doug Smith reported that Cardinal Health continues to provide remote order entry for all of the Sanford critical access facilities.  It was reported that 21 Sanford sites are using Cardinal Health for their order entry.
  • Karel reported that there is not as much compliance with sterile compounding practices as earlier reported.  A survey was done and a discussion was had about achieving higher compliance.
  • Jones reported that the fingerprinting of newly licensed pharmacists had commenced after July 1.


  • Rexam representatives talked to the board about USP671 and the need for tight and light containers.  The issues discussed were laws and awareness.  They just wanted to make the board aware of the need to make tight and light containers an important piece of South Dakota pharmacies.


Future Meetings – Board member and staff will participate in upcoming meetings:

  • District V, Duluth MN
  • September 20, Deadwood
  • December 7, Sioux Falls

Recent Meetings – Board members and/or staff that attended recent meetings gave brief reports on those meetings:

  • HID User’s Meeting – May 15th – 17th; Atlanta (Vanderbush)                        
  • NABP 108th Annual Meeting – Philadelphia; May 19th – 22nd; (Dady)
  • NABP MRC Annual Meeting – June 20th – 22nd; (Jones)
  • District V Annual Meeting; Duluth – August 2-4; (Jones, Rave)
  • SDPhA Annual Convention – September 21st – 22nd; Deadwood

The meeting was adjourned at 3:11 p.m.  Rave motioned, Dady seconded, motion carried.