Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators

Board Meeting Minutes

September 29, 2011
Perkins Restaurant, Ft. Pierre

Present:  JoAnn Lind, Loren Diekman, Clint Graybill, Galen Walker, Bob Stahl, Mark Burket, Jim Carlon, Steve Blair, and Joyce Vos

A quorum was determined and the meeting was called to order at 10:07am.  Introductions were exchanged with the new board members.  Carlon explained his role as the board’s attorney.

M/S/P Walker/Stahl to move into Executive Session at 10:11am to discuss potential litigation with the board’s attorney.

M/S/P Stahl/Burket to move into General Session at 10:50am.

M/S/P Graybill/Burket to recommend dismissing case #NH11-03 due to lack of evidence.  Stahl and Graybill abstained from voting.

Blair explained his role as the board’s Assistant Attorney General.

1.           M/S/P Diekman/Lind to ratify the revised Complaints Procedure and Complaint Form as presented.

2.           M/S/P Stahl/Walker to approve the July 19, 2011 Minutes with two corrections from Staff and a paragraph change from Stahl.

3.           M/S/P Burket/Lind to approve Nick Bochman’s request for an exception to the reexamination limitation, refer him to the study resources available, recommend he and his preceptor concentrate on needed areas, complete the exam by March 31, 2012, and send a copy of this letter to his preceptor.

4.           Staff updated the board on the criminal background check legislation being considered by the Governor’s Study Committee.

5.           Stahl provided a report on various subjects.  His office will start sending Administration Tags to the board office.  There is a new Federal regulation that Administrators and staff need to report a suspected crime to law enforcement and DOH within 24 hours.  There is a work committee updating Title 44 Rules and separating them into their appropriate sections.  A recommendation for the revocation of the facility license for Trent Assisted Living Facility had been issued.  The residents had already been moved to other facilities.

6.           M/S/P Lind/Burket to approve the new licenses issued from April 19 through September 20, 2011.

7.           M/S/P Diekman/Burket to re-elect Graybill as president.  Graybill abstained.  M/S/P Stahl/Walker to elect Diekman as vice president.  M/S/P Lind/Burket to re-elect Baker as secretary since she indicated she would be interested.

8.           Graybill and Staff were the only parties that indicated an interest in attending the NAB Mid-Year Meeting in November.

9.           Scheduling the 2012 quarterly meetings was tabled until the December 8 meeting which may be held in Sioux Falls if attendance of the attorneys is not necessary.

10.         There were no particular highlights with the current financial statement since it was early in the fiscal year.

M/S/P Stahl/Walker to adjourn the meeting 11:50am.