Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators

Board Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2011
10 a.m.
Sioux Falls & VIa Conference Call

Present:  Clint Graybill, Tam Baker, Carla Borchardt, Steve Blair, Bob Stahl, Gale Walker, Aaron Shives, Jim Carlon, and Joyce Vos

The meeting was called to order at 1:34pm and a quorum was determined.  No changes or additions to the agenda.

M/S/P Baker/Walker to move into Executive Session at 1:35pm.

M/S/P Shives/Baker to move into General Session at 1:43pm.

M/S/P Walker/Shives to accept the continuing education presented as meeting the settlement agreement in case NH11-01, close the case, and have Staff send closure letters to both parties.

1.           The Board reviewed the draft Complaints Procedure.  Staff asked that 2.c. be more specific and it was decided that the statement should direct Staff to send a copy of the complaint to the administrator/licensee.  A 2.e. should be added that states that the complainant will be informed that the administrator/licensee received a copy of the complaint.  The suggested changes on page two were acceptable.  Another draft for page one will be presented to the Board at the next opportunity.

2.           Graybill referenced the letter received from the Dept Secretary regarding the phone recording equipment and the Staff informed the Dept that it had been removed on July 11.  Graybill expressed the Board’s concern with the liability and uninformed knowledge. 

3.           Walker/Stahl to approve Minutes for both April 26 and May 18, 2011 meetings.

4.           Future meetings were set as 2011 3rd and 4th quarter meetings.  The quarterly meetings for 2012 should be scheduled at the 3rd quarter meeting in case the 4th quarter meeting is cancelled for lack of required business.  Sept 28 at 10am and Dec 8 at 11am were scheduled for Pierre.  Staff suggested reviewing proposed background check legislation at the Sept meeting since it would be due to the Dept in Oct.

5.           Elections were deferred to the Sept meeting so the new Board members could be involved.

6.           Graybill noted the board members recently appointed, re-appointed, or not re-appointed.  M/S/P Walker/Stahl to commend Paul Engbrecht for his long service and volunteer leadership he extended to the board over the many years.  Staff will present him a frame-able Certificate of Recognition.

Shives mentioned that he would likely not drive to Pierre for the meetings but call in if possible.  Graybill said if he needed to be in Pierre he should attempt to be there.

M/S/P Baker/Shives to adjourn the meeting at 2:13pm.