Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators

Board Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2011

10 a.m.
Sioux Falls & Conference Call

PRESENT:  Clint Graybill, Paul Engbrecht, Gale Walker, Tam Baker, Aaron Shives, Jason Petik, Bob Stahl, Carla Borchardt, and Joyce Vos

A quorum was confirmed.  The meeting was called to order at 1:10pm.  President Graybill thanked the board members for their presence and summarized the purpose of the meeting.

Staff added the agenda item of Terry Rieck’s resignation due to the change of her job and position.  A suggestion for a replacement was made, but Staff was going to seek other suggestions via email and forward them to the Dept.

1.           M/S/P Engbrecht/Baker to approve the June 22, 2010 and October 29, 2010 board Minutes as presented.

2.           The board discussed the documents relevant to the 2010 license renewal issues.  It was decided that besides the continuing education (CE) requirements in ARSD 20:49:08:03 they would establish a specific list of acceptable (CE) providers.  The suggestions started and Staff was instructed to circulate the list to the board members via email until it was considered complete.  The list was then to be mailed to all licensees and posted on our website.

3.           1.  M/S/P Walker/Engbrecht to renew Daryl Dusharm’s license.

              2.  M/S/P Petik/Walker to renew Michael Hall’s license.

              3.  M/S/P Engbrecht/Baker to renew Peter Thoreen’s license.

              Staff addressed a question and stated that all licensees are given, and explained, the option of letting their license go Inactive, the cost, the process to re-activate, etc. but they do not choose the option because they have to take the State examination to re-activate.

4.           A.  M/S/P Engbrecht/Shives to offer Jeremy Loken the option of going Inactive or the license is expired due to non-compliance with CE requirements.

              B.  M/S/P Stahl/Shives to renew Brandi Petrik. 

5.           Staff provided comments in writing regarding the renewal issues and option for changes.  Staff was instructed to get the board President’s recommendation when questionable CE is received; and if needed, the full board. 

It was asked whether the board decided on a complaint process yet.  Staff stated she found the complaint process established by the Board’s Ass’t Attorney General in 2006 and approved by the board.  Staff was still planning a face-face meeting in April or May to meet the attorney in Pierre she suggests for the board’s legal counsel.  She will send out a date finder to establish the date/time.

M/S/P Petik/Walker to adjourn the meeting at 2:15pm.