Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators

Board Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2012

Ramkota - Sioux Falls 

Present:  Loren Diekman, Clint Graybill, Bob Stahl, Dr. Aaron Shives, Gale Walker, JoAnn Lind, Mark Burket, Tam Baker, and Marilyn Kinsman.

The meeting was called to order at 4:07.  The attendees were noted and a quorum was met.

M/S/P Baker/Stahl to move into Executive Session to discuss the management consultant contract at 4:08pm.

M/S/P Shives/Walker to move into General Session at 4:42pm.

1.           M/S/P Stahl/Walker to ask the board to consider issuing an RFP for the executive secretary position.  Since the current contract ends May 31 Staff can decide whether to work with the Department to cover the management month-by-month until the decision is made from the RFP.

2.           M/S/P Diekman/Shives to approve the December 8, 2011 Minutes with the correction of the spelling of Carla in the list of present board members.

3.           The board discussed John Klaasmeyer’s non-compliance to the Emergency Permit Administrative Rules.  M/S/P Shives/Baker to ask Stahl and Graybill to craft a letter on the board’s letterhead to Klassmeyer and his board of the responsibility for them to notice his appointment as Administrator of Palisades Manor.

4.           The board reviewed the re-examination Administrative Rule and decided not to change anything.

5.           Stahl reported on several recent facility surveys of concern at Violet Tschetter, Hudson HC, Castle Manor, and Winner Regional HC.  M/S/P Diekman/Shives to have the board write a letter of warning to the Hudson administrator that should remain in her licensing file for two years from the date of the letter regarding the facility after the completion of the next survey.

6.           The board reviewed the approved background check legislation.  It was affirmed that Baker would see the DCI reports along with the applications and if she sees any concerns the issue will be brought to the board meeting.

7.           The board reviewed the lists of new licensees, permit holders and AITs.  Staff gave an update of the White River facility.  She was directed to draft a letter from the board issuing the requirement that the permit holder have her license within the two Emergency Permit allowance (one year).

The loss of the licensed administrator and current permit holder at Roslyn was discussed.  Staff was directed to send the permit holder and her board a letter from the board stating that the facility needs to have a licensed administrator in place by the expiration of her first Permit of Sept 19, 2012, and be aware the renewal of her permit may be in jeopardy.  The letter is to be receipt requested.  Staff was also directed to get the legal consultant’s interpretation of the administrative rule on whether a permit holder can have only two 6-month permits in a lifetime. 

8.           The current financial was noted and will be filed as presented.

9.           The three remaining meetings scheduled for 2012 were reviewed.

No board members indicated an interest to attend the NAB meeting in June.  Staff might choose to attend.

M/S/P Baker/Walker to adjourn the meeting at 5:38pm