Doneen Hollingsworth, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Nursing Facility Administrators

Board Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2011
Via Conference Call / Sioux Falls Physical Location

Present: Clint Graybill, Mark Burket, Chris Hipple, Carla Borchardt, Tam Baker, Gale Walker, Loren Diekman, Bob Stahl, Marilyn Kinsman, JoAnn Lind, Aaron Shives, and Joyce Vos

It was determined that a quorum was met and the meeting was called to order at 10:02am by President Graybill.

1.           M/S/P Diekman/Lind to approve the September 29, 2011 Minutes as presented.  Staff was directed to provide a copy of corrected Minutes in the next board packet when such a circumstance occurs.

2.           With a recent email from the Dept, Staff gave a current update of the proposed background check legislation moving forward in the 2012 session.  Staff will forward relative email correspondence to the board.

3.           The fee increases to examinations and membership dues approved for NAB at the November 2011 national meeting were provided.

4.           Stahl reported on the Affordable Care Act relative to reasonable suspicion of a crime committed against a resident in a facility.  Reporting forms are posted on the DOH website to assist with the reporting and investigation.  He reported on facilities with Administration/Governing Body tags and that three facilities received G level tags.

5.           The following 2012 meetings were scheduled as such:

  • April 18, 4pm, likely at the Sioux Falls Ramkota at the close of the SDHCA conference     

  • July 19, 10am, possibly in Pierre

  • Sept 20, likely in Sioux Falls during the SDAHO conference

  • Dec 6 if necessary, time and location TBD

Staff was asked to look into using Outlook Express for date reminders.

6.           Staff provided details of the individuals holding Emergency Permits issued since the last board meeting.

7.           The current financials were provided as informational and there were no questions.

Graybill raised a question in regard to the Administrative Rule that limits the number of times a license candidate can fail the national exam before becoming a Board concern.  The topic will be on the April agenda to discuss thoughts of a statute of limitations, language to make the Rule more specific, options like continuing education after the failures, etc.

When asked the question, Staff acknowledged that she posts the meeting announcement on the Board’s website under Calendar on the right-hand column.

M/S/P Shives/Baker to adjourn the meeting at 10:34am.