What is Your Role? 

WIC vendors are critical partners in the delivery of WIC benefits. Each month, WIC participants receive WIC benefits listing the authorized supplemental foods designed to fulfill specific nutritional needs. Since the nutritious WIC foods are designed to promote the healthiest possible birth outcomes for pregnant women and promote the growth and development of children, the vendor’s role in the WIC program is vital. The integrity of the transaction between a WIC vendor and a WIC customer is essential. It is only when WIC benefits are redeemed for the specific foods that the desired dietary supplementation can be achieved. 

The positive way in which the WIC customer is treated enhances the benefits received from being in the WIC program.

The WIC Program wants to help your staff be as knowledgeable as possible when assisting WIC customers. We encourage store managers and staff to watch the South Dakota eWIC training video.

If you would like face-to-face training from WIC staff, please contact our office by phone at 605-773-6206 or by email at sdwic.vm@state.sd.us

We are here to help!

If you have questions about becoming a WIC-approved vendor, adding food or updating prices, administering your store’s program, or tips for how to best help WIC participants, we’re here for you.

Contact Vendor Manager, Wendy Speaect, with questions by phone at 605-773-6206 or by email at sdwic.vm@state.sd.us