Working Together for Better Health

Support from physicians is vital to the mission of WIC to safeguard the health and well-being of South Dakota women, infants, and children. It is important that WIC staff and physicians work together to achieve this goal.

Supporting Breastfeeding

Babies who are not breastfed are missing out on the better nutrients and healthier immune systems that breastfeeding provides. Healthcare providers are a mother’s most reliable source when it comes to breastfeeding information. Mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed their children for at least one year. The longer an infant is breastfed, the greater the protection from certain illnesses and long-term diseases. The more months or years a woman breastfeeds (combined breastfeeding of all her children), the greater the benefits to her health as well.

WIC is a great source of breastfeeding information and support!

WIC families have access to…

  • Breastfeeding experts including CLCs and IBCLCs
    • CLC = Certified Lactation Counselor
    • IBCLC = International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
  • WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program
  • Free breast pumps and breastfeeding aids
  • Greater quantity and variety of food and longer participation in the program for mothers that breastfeed

Providing Formula When Needed

When mothers are unable to breastfeed or choose not, WIC is here to support their formula-feeding needs.

We recognize that caregivers look to their family physician for advice on feeding their infants. For WIC mothers who are unable to breastfeed or choose not to, we ask that you recommend the standard contract WIC formula unless a medical condition contraindicates its use.

The standard formulas for South Dakota are:
  • Similac Advance
  • Similac Total Comfort
  • Similac Sensitive
  • Similac Isomil (soy-based)

Formulas Available to Participants (effective July 1, 2023)

WIC can only provide formulas other than contract formulas when a physician determines the child has a medical condition that contraindicates the use of the contract formula and writes a prescription for another formula. Please use the South Dakota Department of Health (SD DOH) Medical Documentation Form (effective Dec. 2022) to request a special formula. All such requests must be reviewed and approved by a WIC Registered Dietitian. WIC cannot provide a formula other than the contract formula to a WIC infant due to physician or caregiver preference.

Medical Documentation Form to Request a Special Formula