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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a copy of a vital record cost?

  • Certified or informational copy of birth, death, marriage or divorce record, verification or notification of record searched — $15.00
  • Certificate of birth resulting in a stillbirth — $10.00
  • Expedite fee (only applies to phone and internet requests) — $11.50
  • Preparation and filing of a delayed birth, death or marriage certificate — $15.00
  • Amending a birth, death or marriage record — $8.00
  • Preparation of new birth certificate with paternity — $5.00
  • Preparation of a new birth certificate following adoption — $15.00

Please refer to this fee schedule for more detail.

What is the difference between certified and informational copies?

Certified copies are computer generated and issued on security paper with a raised seal and the signature of the issuing agent. Certified copies are used for identification and other legal purposes.

Informational copies are issued on plain paper and contain the statement "For informational purposes only. Not for legal proof of identification." Informational copies do not contain a raised seal or the signature of the issuing agent.

For more information about certified and informational copies along with a listing of those eligible for certified copies, refer to this site

I don’t have a first name on my birth record; can I still get a certified copy?

No, you may still receive an informational copy but it can’t be used for legal purposes. You must complete an amendment before we will issue a certified copy.

I just had a new baby, when I can I get a copy of the birth record?

The birthing facility will submit your child’s birth record information generally within 7 business days after date of birth.  We suggest waiting 14 days after date of birth to apply for a copy.  If you did not have your child in a birthing facility, please contact our office.

When do I receive my new child’s social security card?

If you requested we submit your application to Social Security when your child was born, you should get your baby's Social Security card in about 3 weeks. It takes about 2 weeks to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) about your baby's birth. After the birth is registered, SSA will issue your baby a Social Security number. The card will be mailed to you about one week after SSA is notified by the State of your baby's birth. Check with your local postal authorities about mailbox name requirements to ensure delivery.

I was not born in South Dakota, how can I order my birth record?

South Dakota's Office of Vital Records only holds the records for events occurring in South Dakota. You may visit the National Center for Health Statistics website for contacts in other states.

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