Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health
South Dakota Department of Health

Eligibility Requirements

By state law, vital records filed in the state of South Dakota are not open for public inspection. The State Vital Records Office in the Department of Health can issue either an informational or a certified copy of a vital record. Applicants must meet eligibility requirements to obtain certified copies.

  • Certified Copies
    Eligible individuals who submit an application and the applicable fee can obtain a certified copy of a vital record. This record will be computer generated and issued on security paper with a raised seal and the signature of the issuing agent. Individuals eligible for a certified copy include the following:
    • Registrant - Individual listed on the record
    • Spouse, Child
    • Parent, Guardian
    • Next of Kin - grandparents and siblings
    • Authorized Agent - attorney, physician, funeral director (documentation may be required)
    • Designated Agent - someone given authority by an individual who has authority to obtain the vital record to act on their behalf. Must complete the designated agent section of the application.
    • Personal or Property Right - a right to the record not included in the categories above. Individual will be asked to provide information about the right.
  • Informational Copies
    Informational copies are issued on plain paper and contain the statement "For informational Purposes only. Not for legal proof of identification." Informational copies do not contain a raised seal or the signature of the issuing agent. Informational copies are issued from the computer. ARSD 44:09:06
  • Photostatic Copies (Certified and Informational)
    This record is a photocopy of the original. These records are intended if the computer generated copy does not contain the information needed. Generally, these copies are used for genealogy purposes.

    Certified photostatic copies will contain the raised seal and signature of issuing agent and can be used for legal purposes. Informational photostatic copies will not contain a raised seal or signature of issuing agent.

    We can not guarantee the quality of the record and will always print the best possible image.
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