Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health
South Dakota Department of Health

Birth and Marriage Amendments and Corrections

(For adoptions, paternities, death amendments, and any other questions, please contact our office.)     

Name Changes

To change a surname (last name) on a vital record, you must provide a certified copy of a court order that directs that the record be amended AND provides the following information:

(a)  Information to identify the certificate;

(b)  The incorrect data as it is listed on the certificate; and

(c) The correct data as it should appear.

For instructions on how to obtain a court ordered name change please contact an attorney or visit the South Dakota Unified Justice System website for the applicable forms.

Minor Spelling Corrections

To correct a minor spelling change on a birth or marriage record, please complete the appropriate form listed below. 

Fee and Supporting Documentation

The fee to correct, amend, or change a name on a vital record is $8. If the record is under one year old, there is no fee or documentation required.

One original, certified, or authenticated document is required to show how the item for amendment should be listed. Here is a list of suggested documents:
  • Baptismal certificate
  • Census record
  • Medical record
  • Military record
  • Marriage record
  • Insurance policy
  • Cradle roll record
  • School record
  • Early income tax record
  • Tribal membership papers
  • Parent’s naturalization papers
  • Early application for employment or retirement record
  • Application for voting registration
  • Social Security numident (No SS cards accepted)
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