Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) scope of practice is covered in South Dakota Codified Law 36-9-4.

Nurses and employers are encouraged to use the Scope of Practice Decision-making Framework as a guide to making decisions on whether a specific task, intervention, or activity is, or is not, in an LPN's scope.

Applicable practice rules: 20:48:04

Telehealth Requirements

All health care providers, including nurses, are expected to adhere to the requirements in SDCL 34-52 when providing services to patients in the state through telehealth. Nurses must hold an active SD nursing license, or compact license, to practice nursing as defined in SDCL 36-9-4.


Nurses and employers are encouraged to use the Delegation Decision Making Algorithm to guide whether specific nursing tasks may be delegated to unlicensed assistive personnel (e.g. patient care techs, medication aides, certified nurse aides, dialysis technicians).

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