Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) scope of practice is covered in South Dakota Codified Law 36-9A-12. CNPs are encouraged to use the APRN Scope of Practice Decisioning Algorithm to guide decision-making on whether a specific task, intervention, or activity is in a CNP's scope.

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Telehealth Requirements

All health care providers are expected to adhere to requirements in SDCL 34-52 when treating patients in the state through telehealth. SDCL 34-52 includes the definition of telehealth and the requirements for treatment of patients, provider-patient relationship and exceptions, consultation recommendations, examination, prescribing, informed consent, and medical records.

Collaboration Requirements

All CNPs are expected to collaborate with other health care providers and refer or transfer patients as appropriate, pursuant to SDCL 36-9A-13.1. Pursuant to SDCL 36-9A-1 (6), collaboration is defined as "the act of communicating pertinent information or consulting with a licensed physician or other licensed health care provider with each provider contributing the provider's respective expertise to optimize the overall care delivered to the patient".

To practice without a collaborative agreement, a CNP must have on file with the Board office a Practice Verification Form verifying a minimum of 1,040 licensed practice hours within the role of a CNP.  The Board's Verification Site provides information on a CNP's practice authority status.


Upon licensure a CNP may prescribe, procure, furnish, and administer over-the-counter, legend, and controlled substance (CS) drugs (schedules II-IV as listed in SDCL 34-20Bwithin the CNP's role and focus area.  CNPs who order CS drugs must meet requirements and be registered with the:

Applicable Rule ****20:62:03:11 -- Regarding providing drug samples, documentation guidelines for prescribing CS drugs for treatment of chronic, non-cancer pain, and state and federal registration requirements.

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