Lapsed Status: When a South Dakota nursing license is not renewed by the expiration date the license is placed on a lapsed status and must be reinstated prior to resuming practice. Once reinstatement requirements are met, you will be mailed a license renewal certificate that will be valid from the date of issuance to your second birthday thereafter.

Apply for Reinstatement

Instructions: To reinstate a license, follow these steps carefully; if any information is incorrect, incomplete, or illegible, processing will be delayed. You will be notified in writing if additional information is required. Upon receipt of all forms and fees, your application will be considered for reinstatement, pursuant to ARSD 20:48:03:12.

  1. Submit completed Application to Reinstate a Lapsed RN or LPN Nursing License.

  2. Submit completed Employment Verification Form. Current nursing practice is required to retain an active license, you must verify employment/volunteer work in nursing of at least 140 hours in a 12-month period or 480 hours in 6 years.

  3. Complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC) if you are declaring South Dakota as your primary state of residence and if you were originally licensed in South Dakota prior to July 2006.

    South Dakota belongs to the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). All NLC states require applicants to complete a CBC to be issued a multistate license (MSL) at the time of initial nurse licensure. If you were originally licensed in South Dakota prior to July 2006, you did not complete a CBC. Because your license lapsed, you are required to complete a CBC. Email or call the Board office to request a CBC packet be mailed to you: 605-362-2760.

  4. Submit Renewal and Reinstatement Fees (as required pursuant to ARSD 20:48:16:01):

    Renewal Fee $115
    Reinstatement Fee $50
    Total $165
  5. Submit Administrative Fine: Practicing on a lapsed license is illegal pursuant to SDCL 36-9-49(9), 36-9-68(5), and 36-9-71. Pursuant to SDCL 36-1C-5, the Board can impose an administrative fine. The Board approved the following fines for nurses who worked on a lapsed license. If you have questions on the number of days your license has been lapsed, please contact the board office.

    90 days or less $0
    91 – 365 days $100
    366 – 730 days $200
    731 or more days $300

    You may appeal the administrative fine by requesting a contested case under SDCL 1-26; to do so, select the Appeal Administrative Fine option on the Application to Reinstate a Lapsed RN or LPN Nursing License. Submission of the application serves as your notice to appeal (notice must be submitted to the Board’s Administrator within 20 calendar days of the service of this fine). Complete all other reinstatement requirements to proceed with requesting reinstatement of your license(s). You will be contacted within 5 business days regarding the contested case process.

  6. Payment: Must be in the form of a money order payable to the South Dakota Board of Nursing. Fees are non-refundable and must accompany the application. To pay by credit card you must call the board office.