Only medication aides in a skilled nursing facility (SNF), assisted living center (ALC), or hospital are registered by the Board.  Employment hours in one of these settings is required to renew registration; if you do not have employment hours, your UMA registration will be placed on inactive status.

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Renewal Information

Registrants may renew 90 days or less prior to expiration:

  • Must have a minimum of 12 hours of employment as a medication aide in a SNF, ALC, or hospital within the preceding 2 years.

Apply for Registration

  • Must submit the online UMA Renewal Application
  • After review and approval by the Board, the UMA registry will be updated;
  • Applicants will not be sent a renewal card; cards may be printed from the Verification Site.

A lapsed registration is not active and must be reinstated.

Learn About Lapsed Registrations

Nurses in a skilled nursing facility, assisted living center, or hospital cannot delegate medication administration tasks to a UMA who has a lapsed or inactive status.