Medication Aide Training, Registration Requirements, and Procedures

Nurses may only delegate medication administration tasks to a registered medication aide for patients/residents who are in a skilled nursing facility, nursing home, or hospital.

  • To promote safe care, a nurse must follow the delegation and supervision requirements in ARSD 20:48:04.01:01 and 20:48:04.01:02.
  • Nurses who delegate medication administration in a hospital setting must provide direct supervision, as defined in ARSD 20:48:01:01.
  • Annual skills competency validation should be completed; use the Board's checklist or a facility specific checklist.

The following medication administration tasks may be delegated to a registered UMA:

  • Administration of scheduled medications by the following routes:
    • oral, sublingual, eye, ear, nasal, rectal, topical, transdermal, vaginal, and inhalation;
  • Measurement of a prescribed amount of liquid medication or crushing a tablet for administration, if a licensed nurse, physician, or pharmacist has calculated the dose; and
  • Administration of schedule II controlled substances that are prescribed and labeled in a container for a specific client.

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