Delegation by a Nurse

A licensed nurse may delegate hemodialysis tasks to nursing assistants who have successfully completed a board-approved dialysis technician training program.

Tasks that may be delegated are listed in ARSD 20:48:04.02:05 (see below for central line tasks)

Nurses are required to follow rules on:

Nurses and employers are encouraged to use the Delegation Decision Making Algorithm to guide whether a specific nursing task may be delegated.

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Dialysis Technician Qualifications

Dialysis technicians are required to meet the following qualifications (ARSD 2:48:04.02:04):

  1. Have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent;
  2. Completed a board-approved dialysis technician training program;
  3. Passed a nationally recognized, board-approved dialysis technician certification exam and hold current certification (or completed a board-approved training program within the last 18 months). Board approved national certification organizations:

Dialysis Training Program Information

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Delegation of Central Line Dialysis Tasks

A RN, with a minimum of one year of dialysis experience, may delegate central line hemodialysis tasks as allowed in ARSD 20:48:04.02:10 and according to facility policy, to a certified dialysis technician, in a stable nursing situation with direct RN supervision.

The dialysis technician must complete a board-approved central line hemodialysis training program, the following forms must be used:

Exam: the RN program instructor may contact the board office to request access to questions for use in developing a final exam.