Find CNA training requirements, including program length, selecting program coordinators and instructors, creating a curriculum, and submitting an application.

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All training programs must be approved by the Board of Nursing and be at least 75 hours long.

  1. Select a Program Coordinator (ARSD 44:74:02:10) Must be an RN who has at least two years of nursing experience, with at least one year in the provision of long-term care services. The Program Coordinator maintains ultimate responsibility for ensuring the NATP meets all requirements listed in ARSD 44:74:02.

  2. Select Primary Instructor(s) (ARSD 44:74:02:11) Primary instructors teach the course material. They must:

    • Be licensed RNs or LPNs who have a minimum of two years of nursing experience, at least one year in the provision of long-term care services;
    • Have completed a course of instruction in teaching adults or experience in teaching adults in the last five years.
    • Not be the DON.
  3. Select Supplemental Instructor(s) (optional) (ARSD 44:74:02:12) Supplemental instructors may be used to assist with instruction; they must have at least one year of experience in their respective field of practice

  4. Provide 75 hours of Program Instruction:

  5. Submit: Training Program Initial Application

    Following application submission, you will receive an email notice of approval from the SDBON. Once approved your program will be listed on the SDBON’s website.

    Program reapproval must be requested every two years. Your agency must maintain a 75% pass rate of students on the competency evaluation to maintain approval.

Request Faculty Changes  Request Curriculum Changes  Apply for Program Reapproval