Nursing Corporation Registration & Health Care Corporation Certificate

Nursing Corporation Registration

Corporation Registration Required: Only corporations registered with the Board of Nursing, as provided in SDCL 47-11E-14, may engage in the practice of nursing.

Pursuant to SDCL 47-11E, one or more South Dakota licensed nurses may form a professional service corporation for the practice of nursing under the SD Business Corporation Act and SD Limited Liability Company Act, if in compliance with the requirements of 47-11E and ARSD 20:48:14.

Nurse License & Practice in State Required: All shareholders of the corporation must be licensed to practice nursing in the state of SD and who, except for illness, accident, time spent in the armed services, on vacations, and on leaves of absence not to exceed one year, **are actively engaged in the practice of nursing in the office of the corporation, SDCL 47-11E-5.

Name of Corporation: pursuant to SDCL 47-11E-4, the name of a nursing corporation must contain the words, professional company or professional corporation or abbreviations: Prof. Co., Prof. Corp., P.C., or PC. The name of a limited liability company must contain the words, professional limited liability company, or abbreviation, Prof. L.L.C., Prof. LLC, P.L.L.C., or PLLC. The name should also meet ethical standards.

Initial Application  Renewal Applicaiton

Annual Renewal: required by November 1st; applications accepted September 15th to November 1st.

Health Care Professional Corporation Certificate

A nurse may form a health care professional corporation with another health professional (e.g. physician) for the purpose of offering two or more kinds of professional services, SDCL 47-11F.   The nurse must, pursuant to ARSD 20:48:14, apply for a certificate of registration from the board.

Initial Application  Renewal Application

Annual Renewal: required by November 1st; applications accepted September 15th to November 1st.

Notification of Changes

Changes to a Nursing Corporation or Health Care Professional Corporation must be provided to the Board within 10 days.  Submit the Notification of Change form to provide notice of changes to the corporation's address, phone number, email address, officer or shareholder ownership information, or nursing employees.  Upon receipt, the Board will review to determine continuing approval status to meet requirements in SDCL chapter 47-11E or 47-11F.