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RN and LPN applicants awaiting results of the licensure examination may practice nursing with a temporary permit and may practice only under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse who must be on-site in the area where the holder of the permit is working and readily available to provide supervision to or consultation with the applicant.

Continuing education units (CEUs) are not required for nursing licensure.  South Dakota does have a minimum practice requirement: the nurse must provide verification of employment in nursing for a minimum of 140 hours in any 12-month period during the previous 6 years, or a total accumulation of 480 hours during the previous 6 years.  If the nurse cannot provide such verification, an RN or LPN Refresher Course consisting of an 80-hour self-study theoretical portion and 80 hours of supervised clinical practice which meets Board of Nursing standards must be completed.  

A Limited License must be obtained by all students enrolled in a refresher course prior to the start of clinical practice experience.  Upon successful completion of the course and payment of the required fees, the nursing license may be renewed or reactivated.

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Any private individual or entity may report information involving nursing conduct or practice to the Board of Nursing for investigation by the professional staff. 

Reports may be in writing, by telephone, or by email and should include the name of the nurse, nature of the complaint, and any other information that would assist the staff in its investigation including dates, specific activities or practices of concern, witness names, etc. 

To the extent allowed by law, the Board maintains the confidentiality of the complainant.  Information or documents obtained during the Board's investigation remain confidential except where admitted into evidence at a formal disciplinary hearing.

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South Dakota Department of Health investigates complaints against CNAs; please report such complaints to the Department of Health at (605) 367-7499 or (605) 367-4640.

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