Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health

Getting a South Dakota Lodging Establishment License

(bed & breakfasts, specialty resorts, hotels, vacation homes)

Step 1 — Complete Lodging Licensing Packet

Download the following materials or call the Office of Health Protection, at (605) 773-4945 to request a packet.

Step 2 — Meet Requirements

  1. South Dakota Codified Law 34-18-23 requires lodging establishments to notify the Department of construction and alteration projects.

    • 30 days before construction starts, submit a detailed floor plan of lodging and water recreational facilities to the Office of Health Protection. Plans should be drawn to a recommended scale of 1/8 " = 1 foot.

    • Layout plans must be stamped by a professional engineer or architect for facilities larger than 4,000 square feet.

    • Complete plan review questionnaire and submit with a floor plan to:
      SD Department of Health - Office of Health Protection - 600 E. Capitol - Pierre, SD - 57501-2536

  2. If the establishment uses private sewer or water systems, they must be approved by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 605-773-3351.

  3. Complete, notarize, and submit the license/registration application with the correct fee 30 days before completion of construction to:
    SD Department of Health - Office of Health Protection - 600 E. Capitol - Pierre, SD - 57501-2536

Step 3 — Department of Health Review

  1. Department reviews layout plan and plan review questionnaire.

  2. Department sends a written notification regarding approval or changes required.

  3. Department approves facility plan once all areas of plan comply with appropriate Administrative Rules of South Dakota — ARSD 44:02:02 Hotels, 44:02:05 Specialty Resorts, 44:02:06 Bed & Breakfast Establishments, 44:02:08 Vacation Homes.

Questions? Contact a Health Protection Advisor in your region.

Step 4 — State Inspection

During the construction process and before the business opening, the department conducts an onsite inspection to determine compliance with administrative rules.

Step 5 — Approval for Licensing

The department issues a lodging license once the license application is made, plan review is completed, and final inspection determines compliance.

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