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Vendor Information

WIC vendors are critical partners in the delivery of WIC benefits. Each month, WIC participants receive WIC food instruments — a "food prescription" designed to meet their specific nutritional needs. The retail clerk helps fill the prescription by making sure the participant receives exactly what foods are specified.

As the final service step in the WIC process, WIC vendors play an important role in helping to improve the health of women, infants, and children in South Dakota. The integrity of the transaction between a WIC vendor and a WIC participant is essential. It is only when WIC food instruments are exchanged for the specified foods that the desired nutrition benefit can be achieved.

WIC food can be purchased at any authorized WIC vendor - any grocery store that has signed an agreement with the WIC Program to comply with program policies. Stores must meet minimum stocking requirements, stock primarily groceries rather than convenience items, be accessible to WIC participants, and other criteria to be authorized. Clients found eligible for WIC receive a list of "authorized" stores in their area.

For more information contact the South Dakota WIC Office, 1-800-738-2301 (in SD only).


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Vendor Application

For information on applying to be an approved SD WIC Vendor, please contact:


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