Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

TB Program Services

The South Dakota Tuberculosis Control Program provides the services listed below for patients and health care providers statewide.  Questions regarding these services may be directed to Disease Intervention Specialist staff (DIS) across the state (Disease Intervention Offices)  or by calling the TB Control Program Coordinator at 605-773-3737 or 1-800-592-1861 (in-state only).

  • TB Medication — free medication for treatment of TB disease and latent TB infection for eligible South Dakota residents.
  • TB Diagnostic and Treatment Recommendationsconsultation on CDC and ATS (American Thoracic Society) treatment guidelines for clinicians and health care workers.
  • Nurse Case Management for all patients initiated on Department of Health TB medication to include a nursing assessment at least monthly for side effects.
  • Contact Investigation for all infectious TB cases to identify and provide intervention  services to persons exposed to TB.
  • DOT & DOPT(directly observed therapy and directly observed preventive therapy) for high-risk patients who need supervision in order to complete their recommended course of therapy.
  • TB Laboratory Services — completely free of charge to include AFB smear, culture, drug susceptibility testing, and genotyping.
  • Tuberculin Skin Testing — offered free of charge to contacts exposed to active TB and high-risk targeted patients.
  • TB Skin Test Classification — recommendations specific to South Dakota established by the South Dakota TB Elimination Advisory Committee in 1998.
  • TB Statistics available for health care providers for use in conducting TB risk assessments for their facilities.
  • TB clinic in Sioux Falls that provides a free TB medical evaluation for high-risk persons.  These clinics are held once or twice a month and must be scheduled through the local DIS field offices (Disease Intervention Offices).
  • Contract TB physicians in Sioux Falls who staff the TB clinic or evaluate patients referred to their private practice.
  • South Dakota TB Elimination Advisory Committee made up of TB experts who provide recommendations to the Department of Health regarding TB Control Program activities.
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