Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health

Quality improvement resource guide

South Dakota Cardiovascular Collaborative logoWelcome to the Quality Improvement Resource Guide! This Resource Guide was created through a partnership of the South Dakota Department of Health and the South Dakota Cardiovascular Collaborative. The purpose of this guide is to familiarize you with quality improvement processes as a way of improving clinical quality. While many of the examples within the guide are related to cardiovascular disease, the quality improvement process can be applied to any process or condition where improvements are needed.

Quality Improvement Resource Guide (PDF)

Quality Improvement Resource Guide Appendices (PDF)

Quality Improvement (QI) Webinar Series

Introducing the Quality Improvement (QI) Webinar Series! This QI webinar series includes four trainings around quality improvement. Click “View Webinar” under each training you’d like to watch.

The Value Case for Initiating Quality Improvement (QI)
This webinar gives an overview of how payers perceive quality improvement (QI) efforts and how it impacts reimbursements. It also discusses the importance of different QI initiatives and how QI can impact the bottom line for organizations fiscally. The webinar is presented by Kathi Mueller from the South Dakota Department of Social Services and Dr. Preston Renshaw, Chief Medical Officer for Avera Health Plans and Dakotacare.  

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Telling the Quality Improvement (QI) Story
This webinar discusses the basics of QI, what it is and how it is used. It also discusses quality improvement and its impact on population health. The webinar is presented by Holly Arends from the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care and Patti Brooks from Avera Health Plans.

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Implementing Quality Improvement in Rural Areas
This webinar allows us to hear from practitioners in the field as we present case studies of how quality improvement has been used in rural settings, examining the successes and challenges.

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Introducing the Quality Improvement Toolkit
Coming soon...
This webinar will showcase the new South Dakota Quality Improvement Toolkit created in partnership with the Cardiovascular Collaborative and demonstrate how to use it to access helpful, South-Dakota specific resources for quality improvement.

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