Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health
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LPN & RN Nurse Licensure Compact Information:

South Dakota is a member of the RN and LPN Nurse Licensure Compact (NCL).  Under the NLC,
nurses can be issued a multi-state license (MSL) to practice in other NCL states, without having to obtain additional licenses.  LIST of NLC Member States
Whether you can be issued a MSL depends on your primary state of residence. Primary residence is determined by where you vote, pay taxes, and/or hold a driver's license. 
Nurses who are a primary resident of South Dakota, and who meet all other requirements, may be issued a MSL.  


If your primary state of residence is:

  • in South Dakota:  You can hold a MSL, allowing you to practice in other NLC member states (you must also meet all other licensure requirements).  Be prepared to provide documentation upon request to support your claim of residence (e.g. state driver's license, voters registration). 

  • no longer in South Dakota but in another NLC state:  You may practice nursing in South Dakota and other NLC states using your South Dakota MSL while processing your new nursing license in your new state of residence.  After you have been issued your new license from the other NLC state you must then inactivate your South Dakota nursing license. 

  • in a state that is NOT a member of the NLC:  Your South Dakota MSL will be changed to a single-state nursing license and you can only practice nursing on your South Dakota nursing license within the state of South Dakota.  To practice nursing in any other state you must hold a nursing license in those states.