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South Dakota Board of Nursing

Medication Aide

Medication Aide Registration

Registration implies only that an unlicensed individual has met the minimal training and testing requirements necessary to accept tasks delegated by a licensed nurse while under a nurse's supervision. Registry status does not imply that an individual has met moral, ethical, or legal standards. The registry should not take the place of an employer's hiring screening process or background check.

Registration Questions:  Winora Robles

Training Questions:  Stephanie Orth

Application Process / Application for Initial Medication Aide Registration



As of May 1, 2015, individuals who have taken a Board of Nursing approved 20-hour training course are eligible* and must complete and submit an Application for Initial Medication Aide Registration to be placed onto the South Dakota Medication Aide Registry.  If the appropriately completed application is received by December 31, 2015, the currently practicing Medication Aide applicant will not be required to take the Medication Aide Examination in order to qualify for registration.

*Individuals who have taken medication aide training through the Division of Developmental Disabilities/Human Services are not eligible to be placed onto the medication aide registry.  If you have questions, please contact

Medication Aide Registration Verification / Print Card


Notification of registration approval will not be mailed out.  Allow 5-7 business for processing, then you may verify your Medication Aide Registry status.

Print Medication Aide Registration Card - South Dakota Board of Nursing does not print or mail out Medication Aide Registration cards. 

Medication Aide Renewal

Medication Aide Registration will remain active for two years following the date of intial issue.  Please keep your contact information updated as a courtesy renewal notice will be sent to you 90 days prior to your expiration date.  The renewal application process will be posted here in 2017.

Name / Contact Information Changes

Email Name / Contact Information Update

Medication Administration Training Programs for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Orth, Nursing Program Specialist

Instructions for Reapproval

Board-Approved Medication Administration Programs:  A list of Programs with current approval status

Approved Program Offering Enrollment:  R. A. A. Certification Services

Medication Assistant Training Program Approval Process


  1. Select a South Dakota Board of Nursing Approved Medication Administration Training Curriculum (below) and complete the corresponding "Curriculum Content Application Form":

Gauwitz Textbook – Administering Medication

Mosby’s Textbook for Medication Assistants

Nebraska Health Care Association (2010) (NHCA)

We Care Online


2011 South Dakota Community Mental Health Facilities

2.    Complete Forms

  • Complete the Curriculum Content Application Form for the curriculum that you have chosen to use (above).  List the name of the RN Instructor in Column 4 of this form. (Not applicable for South Dakota Community Mental Health Facilities.)


Send completed forms to:

South Dakota Board of Nursing
722 Main Street Suite 3

Spearfish SD 57783


South Dakota Board of Nursing will notify applicant of Approval or Denial and reason for denial.

Approval is granted for a 2-year period; all programs renew on the same date. Requests for faculty or curriculum changes must be pre-approved by South Dakota Board of Nursing.

3.    All programs are required to use the following:

Nursing Scope of Practice