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Initial CNA Training & Registration


Application to Enroll in Training Course

All CNA candidates must submit the Training Enrollment Verification Form and the online CNA Initial Registration Application before a candidate may enroll in a board-approved CNA training course.   

New applicants must:

  1. Print the CNA Training Enrollment Verification form.  Complete the applicant section, then give the form to your employer, organization, or school to complete their section.

  2. Complete the online CNA Initial Registration Application; you must also upload the completed CNA Training Enrollment Verification Form. 

  3. Only after the SD Department of Health Office of Licensure and Certification has received all required documents will an application be reviewed and processed, allow 5-7 days.  After processing, an applicant's eligibility to enroll in a board-approved nurse aide training program will be entered and available to verify on the board's Registration Verification site. 

  4. On the Registration Verification website: enter an applicant's information, after the applicant information pulls up, look under the status heading. If the status indicates 'eligible' then the applicant is approved to enroll. If an applicant does not appear on the verification website, contact Shelly Walstead with the SD Department of Health, Office of Licensure and Certification.

​​CNA Training Equivalency Waiver for Nursing Students

  • A nursing student who has successfully completed fundamentals in nursing courses, with a grade C or better, at an approved nursing education program, may apply to waive the 75 hour training portion of the NATP. Applicant must submit a copy of school transcript.
  • Upon approval by the Board, the applicant must pass the CNA written and skills competency evaluations before being placed on the CNA registry.
  • Application for Waiver of 75-hour Nurse Aide Training
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1135 Waiver Information:

The waiver issued by the federal government during COVID-19 allowed facilities to employ nurse aides who did not meet regular training requirements. This waiver expired June 6, 2022. Facilities must have employees  registered as a CNA. Read more HERE.

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