Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy

Board Meeting Minutes


Board of Directors Meeting
September 17, 2012
Ramkota Hotel, Pierre


Present:  Rebecca Dykema, Laura Woitte, Linda Zeller, Jim Carlon, and Joyce Vos

Guests:  Gene Heller, Brittany Novotny, and Rhanda Heller

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to call the meeting to order at 9:28am.

1.           M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to approve the June 18, 2012 Draft Minutes as presented.

2.           M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to recognize the schools, Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, CO and Wellspring School of Allied Health in Lawrence, KS as to the Board’s acceptance of the schools’ accreditation from ABHES – Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.  The schools will be added to the website.  Other schools with ABHES accreditation are therefore acceptable. 

3.           Carlon will research the question whether CE providers and training instructors need a license to teach.

4.           It was confirmed that Woitte will attend the FSMTB meeting later this month.  FSMTB provides one complimentary attendance per member State.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to move into Executive Session at 9:41am for the purposes of considering RFPs and litigation.

M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to re-convene General Session at 12:05pm.

6.           The Board reviewed the end-of-year and current financials.  They will be filed as presented.

7.           President Dykema called on those persons still in attendance and designated 10 minutes for the public comment period.  Rhanda Heller addressed a number of issues including: draft Minutes be available on the website, an opt-out choice on the application to not provide their mailing information to CE providers, add the list of acceptable schools and national accreditations to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) web link, the FAQ are still from 2007, make the meetings available by teleconference, the ethics code issue wasn’t wrapped up in the Minutes, board member vacancy wasn’t announced on the website, both titles of executive secretary and executive director were used in the RFP, the RFP  Functions section dealing with investigations was concerning, the fines and penalties budget item for civil penalties, and the extension of the executive secretary contract.

8.           In addition to the scheduled November 5, 2012 meeting, the next meeting was scheduled for February 25, 2013.

5.           M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to send a letter signed by the president in accordance with the Order in case #2010-01.

              M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to send a recommendation to the department that the executive secretary contract be awarded to Midwest Solutions.

M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to adjourn the meeting at 12:28pm.