Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy

Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 6, 2012
Ramkota, Pierre  

Present:  Linda Zeller, Twyla Fritz, Rebecca Dykema, Karen Kappel, Laura Woitte, Jim Carlon, Steve Blair, and Joyce Vos.

The meeting was called to order at 9:40am.

1.           Staff briefed the rest of the board on the decision she and board president Dykema made to rescind the moratorium after discussions with the Legislative Research Council and the Dept of Health.

2.           Carlon assisted the board’s review of the proposed Administrative Rules changes.  M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to approve the changes and move forward with the rules process.

3.           The board held a licensing hearing with Ingrid Johnson.

4.           The board held a licensing hearing continuance with Susie Craig.

5.           The board held a complaint hearing with Jami Messmer.

M/S/P Zeller/Fritz to move into Executive Session at 11:20am.

M/S/P Zeller/Woitte to move into General Session at 1:50pm.

Staff was directed not to renew Jingyin Bai’s license and that he can request a hearing.

M/S/P Fritz/Zeller to deny I. Johnson’s pending application due to the unprofessional conduct of practicing without a license and to allow her to re-apply after May 29, 2012.

M/S/P Fritz/Kappel to deny S. Craig’s pending application due to the unprofessional conduct of practicing without a license and to allow her to re-apply after February 12, 2012.

M/S/P Woitte/Zeller to deny J. Messmer’s license renewal due to the failure to comply with the Rules of continuing education and allow her to re-apply after January 6, 2013.

6.           M/S/P Zeller/Fritz to accept the Office of Hearing Examiner’s decision in full in case #2010-01, along with a six month suspension from the date of the Order, the board’s satisfaction with a psycho-sexual evaluation, compliance with the licensing and renewal requirements, all prior to the board’s consideration to allow the licensee’s resumption to practice.

7.           Case #2011-15 was assigned to Kappel.  Case #2011-16 was assigned to Fritz.

8. & 9.   Statutes 36-25-15 “Examination reciprocity with other states” and 36-35-13 “Unprofessional conduct” needs to have language changes but it’s too late for this legislative session.

10.        M/S/P Woitte/Fritz to approve the November 7, 2011 board Minutes as presented.

11.         The Public Rules Hearing was scheduled for 1pm CST on February 13 in Sioux Falls.  Details to be arranged and provided by Staff.

M/S/P Fritz/Zeller to adjourn the meeting at 2:40pm.