Joan Adam, Interim Secretary of Health

Adoption Options

Mother and baby.

Counseling and support services are available from a variety of agencies, including adoption agencies. If adoption is a consideration, additional information may be obtained by calling the South Dakota Department of Social Services, Office of Child Protection Services, at 605-773-3227 or visiting its web site at For a current listing of licensed child placement agencies in South Dakota, see Child Protection's Adoption Resources site at

Specific services available at individual agencies will vary but could include adoption studies, private or independent, international, interfamily and designated placements, pregnancy counseling for birth parents, post legal adoptive services, and post placement services. For updated information about actual services available, please contact the individual agencies directly.

Safe Haven (Baby Moses Law)

South Dakota law allows a parent to deliver an infant 60 days of age or younger, who has not been harmed, to an emergency medical services provider* or a licensed child placement agency with the intent of relinquishing permanent custody of the infant. The law is referred to as the Baby Moses law and the specific statute is SDCL 25-5A-27 through 25-5A-35, found at SDCL 25-5A. Additional information about the law can be found at this Department of Social Services site,

*licensed health care facility or clinic, a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, or an emergency medical technician.

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