Melissa Magstadt, South Dakota Secretary of Health

Unlicensed Medication Aide (UMA)
Proctor Information
UMA applicants must have oversight by an approved Proctor when sitting for the exam. 


How to become a Proctor:  

  • Submit the Proctor Agreement Form 
  • A Proctor is not required to be licensed as a nurse. 
  • Once approved, Proctor approval does not expire.

UMA Registration & Proctoring Step by Step Instructions:  Click Here


Proctor Portal:  Click Here


Change your Proctor Password:  Email and provide requested new password.


Proctor Agreement Guidelines:   

All Proctors must agree to follow these requirements and procedures when administering exam, to:
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of the exams, including materials, processes, procedures, and content. 
  • Not to disclose any portion of the exam materials
  • Not to disclose the processes or procedures necessary to administer or to pass an examination.
  • Report any known or suspected breach in security to the Board office as soon as possible. 
Agree to accept the following Proctor responsibilities:
  • Ensure a secure testing environment.
  • Verify the identity of the candidate.
  • Allow the candidate to access the exam only in my presence, and
  • I will remain in the testing area until the exam is completed.
  • Ensure that the candidate does not leave the room except in an emergency.
  • Ensure that the candidate does not open any browsers or computer files during the exam.
  • Ensure that the online exam is not printed.
  • Ensure that the candidate does not have books, notes, reference aides, or cell phone while taking the exam.
  • Ensure, to the best of my ability, that cheating does not occur. 
  • If the candidate is suspected of cheating, I will contact the South Dakota Board of Nursing as soon as possible.
  • Not to allow unauthorized persons to hear, view, record, or otherwise gain knowledge about the exam, 
  • exam processes and procedures before, during, or after the administration of an exam.

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