Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Interim Secretary of Health

General Assistance and Information

In addition to recruitment of health professionals and the Critical Access Hospital Program, the Office provides services of a general nature to help improve access to health care, including:

  • Assistance with shortage designations. Unsure as to whether your facility or community qualifies for a program? We can help.
  • Obtaining grants to develop services. Based on what you want to do, we can provide information on possible sources of funding, provide guidance on grant writing, or even review your draft grant application, prior to submittal, if an impartial viewpoint is desired. If you plan to apply for a grant from the HRSA Office of Rural Health Policy, you will need to be located in a rural area. This map shows the current eligible areas in South Dakota.
  • Community assessments. We can martial a team of individuals that will make on site visits to your community and provide guidance on program eligibility, or community health concerns dealing with a variety of issues.
  • Access to demographic, health status, or facility information. If you desire information for your community, service area, county, or region, we can help access needed information.
  • Other needed information. Make an inquiry and we’ll try to help!
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